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YouTube TV ‘Actively Working’ On Fix For Apple TV Crashing Issue


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YouTube TV is actively working on a fix for a crashing issue that’s been affecting Apple TV devices. It still remains unclear what exactly is causing the issue, but it is one that has been impacting users in recent days and weeks.

While the YouTube TV app on Apple TV has never been the most reliable, reports related to the most recent crashing issue started surfacing soon after the rolling out of a recent update. A software update that, among other things, was due to fix a black screen issue that had previously been affecting some Apple TV players.

In terms of the crashing problem, users have continually noted that the app simply crashes when being used. The app does work for a short period of time but then eventually returns them to the Apple TV home screen.

Since reports first emerged, YouTube TV engineers and reps have routinely confirmed that they are aware of the issue. In the latest Reddit thread detailing the problem. TeamYouTube confirmed that it is “actively working on fixing this crashing issue.” Unfortunately, the same confirmation didn’t provide any details on when a fix might actually begin to roll out.

If anything, it seems like YouTube TV is still struggling to identify the root cause of the issue. The same confirmation requested those affected by the problem to continue to provide additional information via a different Reddit thread. This includes details on whether the crashes are consistent or intermittent, and whether the app only crashes when watching live, VOD, or DVR. This is in addition to details on whether the crashes seem to be time or interaction related.

For reference, it had previously been suggested that the issue might be related to a memory leak and might only be impacting first-generation Apple TV 4K players and earlier models.

The most recent response from Team YouTube was in reply to an issue noted by the owner of a first-gen Apple TV 4K player, further suggesting that newer Apple TV devices may have managed to avoid the current YouTube TV app crashing problem.

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