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YouTube TV Doesn’t Carry Bally Sports (& Probably Won’t)

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YouTube TV doesn’t carry Bally Sports and it is unlikely to anytime soon. While there are a number of channels unavailable through YouTube TV, the situation is a little different with Bally Sports, due to YouTube TV’s history with Fox RSNs and Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Bally Sports launched on March 31 and replaced Fox Sports regional networks across the country. That is, 19 of 21 previously branded Fox Sports RSNs owned by Sinclair. As for the two remaining RSNs, Fox Sports Carolina was absorbed by Bally Sports South while Fox Sports Tennessee was folded into Bally Sports Southeast as part of the rebrand.

At $64.99 per month, YouTube TV is not necessarily a cheap option for live TV streaming. However, the service does come with a number of premium features helping to add to the value. This is in addition to a channel lineup that’s routinely expanded over time. While plenty of channels have been added, some have been removed as well.

Will YouTube TV carry Bally Sports?

There are no indications that YouTube TV will carry Bally Sports. While YouTube TV did previously carry a number of Fox Sports RSNs, they were dropped by the live tv streaming service in 2020. In total, 19 RSNs were removed from the channel lineup along with YES Network. They were dropped as a result of YouTube TV and Sinclair unable to agree carriage terms when the previous deal came to an end.

Since then, the same Fox Sports RSNs have been rebranded as Bally Sports. However, besides the rebrand, not much has changed. These are still the same channels and bound by the same agreements that were in place before. Or, in YouTube TV’s case, the lack of an agreement in place before.

While the Bally rebranding has reinvigorated interest in the RSNs, there is nothing to suggest YouTube TV plans to add the same channels back again. If that was likely to be a possibility, then it is more likely a deal would have been done before, avoiding the channels being removed in the first place. In fact, many consumers have been reaching out to YouTube TV to see if Bally Sports will be added to the channel lineup. Although YouTube TV’s consistent response doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of the channels returning, the replies do make it clear that there are currently no plans to add Bally Sports in the future.

Due to all this, it seems highly unlikely that Bally Sports will be available on YouTube TV anytime soon. It is not that YouTube TV doesn’t want to carry them or Sinclair doesn’t want YouTube TV to carry them, it is simply a result of the two sides not reaching a deal that they are both happy with. That said, this is a much bigger issue than just YouTube TV.

More than a YouTube TV problem

Although YouTube TV’s dropping of the Fox Sports RSNs in 2020 affected a lot of subscribers, it is not the only live TV streaming service to fail to agree a new deal with Sinclair. Around the same time as YouTube TV dropped the channels, Hulu Live TV removed many of the very same regional sports networks, affecting millions of more subscribers, and further reducing the options for streaming local live sports.

Sling TV also dropped Fox RSNs owned by Sinclair back in 2019 and this was then followed by fuboTV dropping them at the beginning of 2020. The fact that so many services have all dropped the same channels, and due to the very same issue, only further goes to suggest YouTube TV is unlikely to add Bally Sports.

As of right now, AT&T TV is really the only main live TV streaming service that carries Bally Sports. Furthermore, there are no guarantees that will always be the case. When AT&T TV’s current deal with Sinclair expires, the channels might also be removed, unless the two are able to agree new terms.

Bally Sports on YouTube TV summary

There are currently no suggestions that YouTube TV will add Bally Sports to its channel lineup. Bally Sports is simply a rebranding of various Fox Sports RSNs, all of which were dropped by YouTube TV back in 2020. As these channels were removed due to failed negotiations with Sinclair, there’s no reason to suggest YouTube TV and Sinclair will suddenly agree a new deal.

However, this is not an issue that only affects YouTube TV. Over the last couple of years, almost all of the main live TV streaming services have dropped the same channels, also due to existing agreements coming to an end. Prior to the rebrand, AT&T TV was the only service to carry Fox Sports RSNs and the situation remains the same now that the channels are Bally Sports.

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40 replies on “YouTube TV Doesn’t Carry Bally Sports (& Probably Won’t)”

Work ok out a deal now please. I’m sick of tds and want to go back to utube tv but husband needs his mn twins.

I’m dropping YoutubeTV and switching to AT&T TV. Maybe will go back to Youtub TV if they do carry the RSN’s. It is costing me $20 more @ month.

F*** Sinclair. Greedy pri**s are obviously over inflating the perceived value of what they have.
Stand firm YouTube TV, don’t give in.

Go ahead and switch to AT&T, the article says AT&T may not carry Bally’s after the current deal expires.
The problem is Sinclair. F*** the greedy b*stards.

I am very sad and very frustrated
I guess the cardinals and the Blues are too greedy to care about their fans. I would happily pay a fee to watch games but I’m not changing my entire TV set up to accommodate their selfishness.

I do not get it. So Bally limits its distribution on streaming and alienates the young viewers it wants to attract. What company would want to buy advertising on Bally. Their ratings have to be in the tank

I don’t understand how Sinclair is making any money with their product while such a huge amount of homes are cutting the cord. Besides AT&T and Comcast I don’t know of any other provider that carries them. I switched to YouTube TV to save a few bucks and now I’m screwed.

I am a longtime Detroit Tiger fan. I sorely miss my access to their broadcast games (I subscribe to YouTube TV). The article above was helpful and sad as well.
I can’t help but wonder how the national lack of access to broadband MLB games will hurt the pockets and fan growth of MLB.
Of course, I can pay still another subscription fee in addition to what I am pasting now, but at some point money matters.
Cable was expensive and so I switched to streaming; but now the broadcast/movie pie is getting cut into tiny pieces each demanding a subscription. Sad how business is squeezing the bar of soap.

GET IT DONE!!! I want to see my Rays play! I’m shopping AT&T TV as we speak just so I can get this stupid Bally Sports

I was a Detroit Tigers season tix holder for 5 years – and now I can’t tell you their record and don’t care. Sure other Tigers, Pistons, and Red Wings fans feel same way. Limited fans at game and fewer fans watching TV with no access does not seem like a winning combo.

My guess is we will see Ballys+ for $4.99/mo pretty soon as an add-on. Should be more excitement than Paramount+

Thanks for finally making golf my favorite sport. My (formerly) favorite sports team the KC Royals have the best record in baseball after April. I do not care. You’re costing the team money too because I usually travel the few hours round trip with a full carload and even busload on a few occasions to attend at least a half dozen games a year. Not any more! Woke and greedy baseball has severely angered a life long fan!

The past few years I have watched at least portions (no west coast games) of 120 +/- Rays game a year. Now none are on YouTube TV! Rays owners – This is no way to grow a Rays fan base. The Rays need to put pressure on Bally Sports. I’d even pay a few extra dollars per month to get Rays games. Excluding this issue, I really like YouTube TV.

Amazing that Sinclair gets Bally’s to pony up for naming rights to their sports networks and still can’t come to agreement with OTT streaming services for carriage.

Sad state of modern times we live in. Being a Detroit fan it doesn’t matter much all our teams are in the tank. Feel bad for the fans of playoff caliber teams . This is embarrassing for Bally’s , how far apart can they really be for god sakes. Like others , I got youtubetv and it’s great but the price has went up in the last 2 years and now this. We SHOULDNT have to pay more for a separate Bally’s app or stream or whatever !!

Life long Cardinals fan living in Western Kentucky. Baseball with their blackout restrictions and now Bally sports not being available to stream has made it almost impossible to follow the team I love. This is the first year in my life that I have not kept up with baseball and I’m not interested in attending any games either. If they want more fans, make it available! I’ll gladly pay for it!

Have to listen on a “radio” like the old days of Harry Carey! The way baseball can be enjoyed in the past. KMOX!!!

Bally sports sucks!!! Why can’t you work out a deal with youtubetv!!!! You are being incredibly selfish. YouTube tv subscribers can get every other channel but can’t watch our teams and we have been able to do that in the past with Fox Sports. I will continue to listen to my teams on radio you arrogant b- stards!!!

Bally sports does not care about the local sports fan (I’ve heard from people from the inside). I will never watch another game broadcast by them.

Greed maybe the right word! Why can’t you allow customers in the locked out areas to pay-per-view or something similar? You are loosing $$$$$ and we are missing out TEAMS for years now!

I guess MLB is uninterested in people being able to watch baseball. Whenever they go under, I’m sure they’ll find something other than themselves to blame.

Why can’t Balley Sports reach an agreement with YouTube TV and offer a sports package of Balley sports where YouTube tv would charge an extra $10-$15 per month for the pkg on their subscription for people who want it??

Absolutely ridiculous! I can’t even watch the Tigers anymore because who wants to pay the outrageous satellite tv bill because that is all I can get because of my location. So I stream YouTube tv now and no Tiger baseball. That really sucks!!

This is getting pretty ridiculous. Seems like YouTube TV is adding a new “add-on” to their service about once a week. They already have a SPORTS PLUS add-on they offer, which has NFL Redzone and about five other channels nonw of could give two shizts about. How about adding a Bally Sports package, too? I have the MLB package and can watch plenty of baseball, except I’d rather watch the local team than the lame Braves or beyond crappy Tigers. C’mon, YTTV, get back at it with Sinclair and make a deal happen.

Going to AT&T doesn’t solve the problem. Makes it worse for us in the long run. Complain to the teams. I have complained stating to drop my season tickets cause I cannot watch the away games. The teams have TV contracts with Sinclair. Going to AT&T will support the current situation. AT&T already has the monopoly with NFL Sunday Ticket, and can now monopolize the regional sports. They will probably pay the money when the contract is up. The only way is to resolve this is to not switch. Bally ends up with no viewers, which leads to no advertising, and results in no revenue. They rely on people just switching over cause most are puppets who follow as told and put up with this BS.

I guess I should be happy, but I am mad at being treated this way. At least the Rangers ( Texas ) are terrible! If they don’t get it fixed I probably will not see much of the Mavericks or Stars again this coming season! Its really frustrating. I really hate the greedy Bally Sports.

With so many sports teams not being seen live on YouTube tv, Hulu tv it is time they come together and pressure Bally Sports to come to some agreements. If this keeps up I hope the broadcast rights will be taken away from Bally sports. Bring back my Pacer games.

I broke down and signed up for the service even though it was $20/month because it was the only easy way to watch local NHL games. Watched the first game yesterday and it was terrible. Tons of commercials, repeated over and over, sometimes back to back. The between period content was the same commercials and 2 minutes of real content. Not sure I’ll make it through the season with this rip off.

Due to the absence of mlb, tiger, red wing and pistons games, I have a whole new life after 50+ years of viewing. How stupid can they be? They have lost countless viewers FOREVER!

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