YouTube TV Bills Are Going To Stop Showing T-Mobile Discounts

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T-Mobile is making a change to the way its customers that are getting a monthly YouTube TV discount are billed. The amount they are charged, or save in this case, is not any different, but the way their live TV bill is broken down will look different going forward.

Previously, T-Mobile offered its own live TV service, TVision. However, TVision was not long for this world and the live TV service closed down around six months after it officially launched.

To help those who had been using the service to switch to another one, T-Mobile began offering a $10 discount on YouTube TV, or on Philo for those looking for a cheaper live TV plan. These discounts are still provided to eligible wireless and home internet customers today.

In YouTube TV’s case, the subscriber has always been charged $10 less each month by YouTube, and it is this aspect that’s now changing. Existing subscribers have started receiving emails and text messages today advising them that their $10 discount will now be applied to their T-Mobile account instead.

Essentially, the next time a YouTube TV subscriber gets a live TV bill, it is likely that they will see a charge for the full amount. In this case, a minimum of $64.99 per month. While the $10 won’t be reflected here, it is still being received, it is just that it will be applied as a credit to their T-Mobile bill.

If you have yet to receive an email or text, here’s what the message says:

The way you receive your monthly YouTube TV discount is changing. The discount will no longer appear on your YouTube TV bill. Instead, we will apply a $10/mo. credit to your T-Mobile bill for up to 24 months.”

T-Mobile email/text

At present, it remains unclear if this change only affects T-Mobile customers signed up to YouTube TV, or whether those receiving the same discount on their Philo bill will also start to see their discount applied to their T-Mobile account instead of their live TV plan.

John Finn
John Finn

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