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YouTube TV Is Now Rolling Multiview Out To Android Mobile Users


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YouTube TV has now started rolling Multiview out to Android mobile users. After initially only being available on smart TVs and streaming players, YouTube rolled the feature out to iPhone and iPad users a little over a month ago.

At the time of the iOS rollout, it remained unclear how long it might take for the feature to begin making its way out to Android devices. According to 9to5 Google, however, the rollout is now underway, with Google confirming that support started to become available to subscribers from yesterday (April 29).

Once the feature does arrive on an individual Android phone or tablet, the YouTube TV subscriber will be able to watch up to four games at the same time on the one device. To start a Multiview session, open a game from either the Home, Live, or Search tabs, and if Multiview is supported for that game, an option to ‘Watch in multiview’ will be available. Once up to four streams are added, the user can switch between audio feeds by tapping on the game they want to hear.

While YouTube TV has expanded its support for selecting which feeds are available to watch through its Build a Multiview feature, Android mobile users might find their selection is more limited to begin with.

For any sports fans considering signing up to YouTube TV to give Multiview a try on their Android devices, it is worth noting that the live TV service is not only offering a $15 discount on each of the first three months, but it is also offering new subscribers the option to save $170 on NFL Sunday Ticket as well. New YouTube TV subscribers have up until May 16 to take advantage of both offers together.

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