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YouTube TV Free Trials: 7, 14 and 30 Days Explained


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YouTube TV offers a standard 7-day free trial to all new users. However, the live TV streaming service also routinely offers access to longer free trials throughout the year.

YouTube TV is a popular live TV streaming service in the U.S. and provides millions of subscribers with access to a wide selection of live TV channels. With a subscription costing $72.99 a month, YouTube TV is not the cheapest live TV service around, and directly competes on price with DirecTV Stream, Fubo, and Hulu Live TV.

With all of these live TV services priced the same, having the option to test the service for free can be a good way to figure out whether it is the right option for an individual or household.

When it comes to YouTube TV, and for those looking to maximize the free trial length, timing is usually everything. While YouTube TV doesn’t typically offer a 30-day free trial, the live TV service does occasionally partner with other companies to offer as long as 30 days for free.

That said, these 30-day opportunities are few and far between, so those looking to maximize the free trial length are more likely to be offered 7 or 14 days for free.

Does YouTube TV offer a 7 day free trial?

The standard YouTube TV free trial is 7 days, so this is nearly always available when a new subscriber signs up. Even though this isn’t very long, it is a very typical length for live TV services.

Unlike on-demand subscription services, which typically offer up to thirty days for free, live TV services tend to only provide access for the first seven days. In fact, YouTube TV’s standard free trial is actually longer than the free trials offers by many other providers.

ProviderFree trial
DirecTV Stream5 days
Fubo7 days
Hulu Live TVNo free trial
Sling TV3 days (select devices)
VidgoNo free trial

While Fubo tends to also offer a 7-day free trial as standard, DirecTV Stream and Sling TV both offer a shorter free trial. In Sling’s case, the free trial is only usually available when signing up on select devices.

As for Hulu Live TV and Vidgo, neither of these live TV streaming services offer a free trial to new users. While both did in the past, and may still occasionally for a limited time, neither offers a continuously available free trial throughout the year.

Seven days is YouTube TV’s standard free trial and the service does routinely adjust the length that a subscriber can watch without paying throughout the year. Even though this might mean the free trial ends up being even shorter in some cases, more often than not, it results in new customers being able to watch for free for longer than 7 days.

YouTube TV
YouTube TV live guide listings$73 a month
100+ channels
3 streams
Unlimited DVR
$58/mo for 3 months

Does YouTube TV offer a 14 day free trial?

Even though the standard free trial is seven days, YouTube TV regularly runs promotions that extend the free trial length. Most often, this results in a 14-day free trial for new users, effectively doubling the length that’s usually on offer.

While there is no way of knowing exactly when YouTube TV will offer an extended free trial next, these promotions do pop up quite regularly throughout the year, and are usually available around busier sports periods, when more consumers might be shopping around for a new live TV plan.

Even though 14-days is typically the extended free trial we see most often, YouTube TV does sometimes offers even longer. In recent times, for example, YouTube TV has offered as many as 21 days for free to new users when signing up. Again, these even longer free trials are almost never announced ahead of time.

Does YouTube TV offer a 30 day free trial?

For those looking for as long as 30 days for free, YouTube TV tends not to offer a 30-day free to new users. That said, there are times when it is possible for select consumers to secure a 30-day free trial, thanks to YouTube TV’s partnerships with other companies and services.

Quite some time ago, select Verizon customers were able to try YouTube TV out for free for 30 days. Essentially, new and existing Verizon customers would receive a longer free trial when bundling YouTube TV with their mobile or home internet package. In the past, a similar 30-day YouTube TV free trial was also available to select T-Mobile customers, following the closure of T-Mobile’s TVision live TV service.

While neither of these promotions are available today, they do highlight that it is occasionally possible to secure a 30-day free trial. In reality, however, it won’t be worth waiting for one of these super-long free trial opportunities, as they are so infrequently available.

YouTube TV free trial — recap

The standard YouTube TV free trial for new customers is 7 days, and this is the most likely free trial length you will be offered throughout the year.

For those looking for a longer 14-day free trial, these are frequently available, albeit only for a limited time. Even though YouTube TV doesn’t tend to announce when these extended free trials are set to become available ahead of time, we have found that it is worth keeping an eye out for them during high profile sports events.

Generally speaking, 14 or 21 days is the longer free trial that YouTube TV offers to new users. YouTube TV has previously partnered with other companies and services to offer their existing customers the option to try the live TV service out for 30 days, but these offers are so infrequent that we wouldn’t suggest holding out for one.

YouTube TV
YouTube TV live guide listings$73 a month
100+ channels
3 streams
Unlimited DVR
$58/mo for 3 months
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16 responses to “YouTube TV Free Trials: 7, 14 and 30 Days Explained”

  1. How do I update my credit card information?

  2. Your info is outdated. They are down to only a 2 day free trial right now.

  3. Billi Jo Avatar
    Billi Jo

    I am not supporting YouTube tv. I signed up for the 7 day trial and they ended up charging me!! And then trying to find a phone number to contact them is like finding a needle in a haystack.

  4. cOSMIC ENIGMa Avatar

    They’re currently offering a 30 day trial.

  5. The “free” trial was trying to charge my debit card and it SAID 0 dollars due today. Tried everything but they actually WANT money for the “free” trial. REDICULOUS. Wouldn’t even Consider a subscription to this False Advertising company.

    1. Hi Gin,
      I agree that it is ridiculous they charge your card at all when you sign up for a free trial anywhere online for any service, What they did was charge my card $0.60 to authorize the card. They do this to make sure it is a legit and active account. The charge should show as pending on your back account then after 3 business days that charge falls off or is reversed (credited) back to your account. This is how it all appeared on my account for the free trial. Hope this helped.

  6. Yeah, I don’t know what is going on. I am finally ready to make the switch and check it out………and it’s a TWO day free trial.

    1. Yes, the same thing happened to me; that’s why I haven’t signed up yet. I’ve been thinking of getting rid of my Comcast cable. I bought 2 Roku’s and was going to sign up after a free trial to UTube TV. I’m not sure what to do now!☹️

  7. I signed up fir the free trial and was charged for the full month after only 4 days! It’s a ripoff. I cancelled but of course by the time taxes and everything were charged I had over 70.00 charged to my card! Not happy at all!

  8. BEWARE! I was charged ($122.99) on the 5th day of a 7 day trial. When I contacted customer service for a refund they said they do not offer a 7 day trial, only 5 days and that’s why I was charged. But, everything online says 7 day trial.

  9. Right now its offering 5 days.Then when you look up promo codes it says there’s a 30 day code and even a 2 month free code lol,of course you click cut where it says and then when you try to paste it in the spot before starting it , it has clipped the words auto doesn’t show anything where you are supposed to paste it.So i went to my txt messages and hit paste and the words auto applied are what you cut.So as always in life if something seems to good to be true then of course it is.Ph,and one other thing, nothing in life is free & if it says you have 5 days then your best bet is to always cancel ot at least 1 day early.Sometimes these things will be exact to the hr or closer to the exact 7 days worth of i would do sunday to saturday evening for a 7 day one.good luck peeps.

  10. Now the You Tube trial length is only 2 days.

    1. Right, as of 12/29 it is only two days….seriously not enough time to decide if you want to commit to the platform…..

  11. Why give you 65.00 a month I give spectrum 45.00 per month even that’s too much

    1. I am no supporting You Tube TV (I am on trial and may sign up). However, Spectrum is not $45 per month no way. They are a horrible company that cannot even tell you what it will really cost. Note the $45 is for 12 months and does not include a $16.45 local channel service fee, required equipment fees that average $10-$15 monthly (or $5 per month if you stream spectrum only on your smart TV PLUS taxes. The $45 is really more like $75 the first year and the 12 year increase is currently $35 on top of all the other fees. At least You Tube is up front with the cost which is almost half of Spectrum’s actual cost after the 12 month teaser.

      1. Spectrum will probably raise you after a year or two. They never tell you about the additional charges until after the fact. Xfinity is the same. I cut the cable with Xfinity. There’s never anything on. I signed up for YouTube TV. It’s great. I can watch it at home and at work in my iPhone. As expensive as it looks , its really not. Its worth the money. I was gonna drop it the end of the month but after a week or so, I’m going to keep it. For 65 bucks , its worth it.

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