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YouTube TV’s Max App Login Issue Is Now Fixed


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While YouTube TV has been dealing with a few issues recently, it looks like the problem with broken Max app logins has now been fixed, allowing HBO Max subscribers that had signed up through their live TV package to finally access the new app.

HBO Max underwent a planned rebrand earlier in the week and this led to a few teething problems for new and existing users. One of those problems was an issue where some HBO Max subscribers couldn’t authenticate their YouTube TV login details.

The good news is that the issue is now understood to be fixed. While it is possible that some subscribers might be still encountering the problem, the Team YouTube social media handle has started confirming that a fix has now rolled out.

According to the updated messages, anyone that still can’t log in to the Max app should find they now can if they try to log in again.

If already logged in and not able to authenticate, YouTube recommends signing out and then back in again to clear the problem.

With this problem now seemingly fixed, if you are considering signing up to Max through YouTube TV, it is worth keeping in mind that third-party services like YouTube TV only offer access to the standard Ad Free plan. In other words, if you want to save on the cost by signing up to the ad-supported package, or want to watch Max in 4K, then you are better off signing up to Max directly.

As a reminder for legacy subscribers that signed up to HBO Max through YouTube TV, you will retain access to all of your premium features, including 4K support, for a minimum of six months. After which, you’ll have to upgrade to the Ultimate Ad-Free plan to watch in 4K.

As for YouTube TV’s current DVR issue that’s resulting in missing and lost recordings, that fix is still a work in progress.

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