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YouTube TV Now Offering A $30 Saving and First 3 Weeks Free


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Along with a new year comes a new deal from YouTube TV. Right now, new customers can save $30 over the first three months. What’s more, new subscribers won’t have to begin paying for the service for three weeks, thanks to the availability of an extended free trial.

Up until now, YouTube had been offering a $22/month discount on the cost of a base plan, resulting in a total saving of $66 over the first three months. That deal has now been replaced with one that reduces the cost of the base plan by $10 a month, bringing the price down to $62.99 a month.

For those that remain subscribed for at least three months, this will work out to be a saving of $30 in total. While not quite as good as the previous deal, the current deal still offers a saving on the usual cost. Not to mention, the availability of a 3-week free trial makes this a much better deal as it adds almost another month for free, and provides new users with a really good opportunity to check out YouTube TV for longer than usual at no cost.

YouTube TV typically offers a 7-day free trial as standard. While the free trial is sometimes extended to 14 or 21 days, it is far less common for a full three weeks to be on offer. When factoring in the additional free weeks, the price per week over the first three months becomes even lower, making this deal more similar to the previous one.

Once the first three discounted months do come to an end, the subscription will automatically renew at the usual, higher rate. At present, that’s $72.99 a month.

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