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YouTube TV To Add Tennis Channel, T2, And More In June


Tennis Channel

Thanks to a new deal with Sinclair Broadcast Group, YouTube TV subscribers will get access to the Tennis Channel starting from June 1st. The deal actually covers multiple channels so it won’t just be the Tennis Channel that’s added.

Sinclair hasn’t had the easiest time lately due to it ongoing issues with the Diamond Sports-owned Bally Sports RSNs. However those Bally Sports regional sports networks are only some of the channels that Sinclair is involved with. Another is the popular Tennis Channel, which unlocks access to year-round tennis content including coverage of the biggest tournaments.

While YouTube TV previously offered the Tennis Channel as part of its base package, the channel was removed in late 2020 after Sinclair and YouTube TV were unable to agree a new carriage deal. Since then, it has remained unavailable through YouTube TV.

Even though it has taken around two and half years, Sinclair confirmed that it has struck a new carriage deal with YouTube TV to add the Tennis Channel. In fact, the deal will see four new channels being added to YouTube TV’s lineup.

According to the announcement, YouTube TV will also get T2, Tennis Channel’s first free ad-supported TV (FAST) channel. Both channels are due to go live on YouTube TV on June 1, and just in time for Roland-Garros.

In addition to the Tennis Channel and T2, the deal also covers carriage for the CHARGE! and TBD channels as well. Both of which are also due to be added to the YouTube TV channel lineup on June 1st.

On top of the new channel additions, the deal also extends the existing carriage agreement between YouTube TV and Sinclair for CBS and MyNetworkTV affiliated television broadcast stations.

In other words, YouTube TV subscribers won’t have to worry about their Sinclair-owned CBS or MyNetworkTV station disappearing anytime soon.

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