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Want To Watch The 2022 World Cup On Peacock? Here’s How It Works


World Cup 2022 on Peacock

While it is possible to watch the 2022 World Cup on Peacock, there are some aspects to be aware of first. This is particularly true if considering signing up to Peacock just to watch your favorite team play in the tournament. If already a paid Peacock subscriber, FIFA World Cup 2022 coverage will be available at no additional cost.

The World Cup officially starts on Sunday, November 20th, with the opening ceremony beginning at 9 a.m. ET. The games will then continue through until the final, which is currently due to be played on December 18th, 2022. Over the weeks, 64 games will be played in total, and all of them will be available to watch on Peacock.

That said, Peacock is only providing coverage of the 2022 World Cup in Spanish. Telemundo, which is owned by Comcast, holds the exclusive Spanish-language rights and is actually where the games will be broadcast in Spanish. In total, 56 matches will be available on Telemundo, with the remaining 8 shown on Universo. Comcast has also opted to make the same Spanish-language coverage available through Peacock as well.

For those wanting to watch the games with English commentary, Peacock is not going to be a solution. Fox holds the U.S. broadcast rights to the tournament, with all of the games due to be broadcast live on either Fox or Fox Sports 1. As a result, access to a live TV subscription that includes Fox and FS1 will be required to watch live games in English in the United States.

For reference, Tubi, which is owned by Fox, will also be providing comprehensive coverage of the soccer tournament. Although the free streaming service won’t be showing any live games, it will be offering full replays of every game soon after they end. In addition, all of the replays will be available to watch on 4K, also for free.

Watching the World Cup on Peacock

If watching in Spanish is preferred then Peacock is going to be the best and cheapest way to watch the World Cup. Speaking of price, while a paid Peacock plan is required to watch all of the games, Peacock will be showing the first 12 games for free. This takes us up until November 24th, at which point, a paid subscription will be required to watch the remaining 54 games.

Free-to-watch World cup games on Peacock:

MatchDateKickoff (ET)
Qatar vs. EcuadorSun., Nov. 2011 a.m.
England vs. IranMon., Nov. 218 a.m.
Senegal vs. NetherlandsMon., Nov. 2111 a.m.
USA vs. WalesMon., Nov. 212 p.m.
Argentina vs. Saudi ArabiaTue., Nov. 225 a.m.
Denmark vs. TunisiaTue., Nov. 228 a.m.
Mexico vs. PolandTue., Nov. 2211 a.m.
France vs. AustraliaTue., Nov. 222 p.m.
Morocco vs. CroatiaWed., Nov. 235 a.m.
Germany vs. JapanWed., Nov. 238 a.m.
Spain vs. Costa RicaWed., Nov. 2311 a.m.
Belgium vs. CanadaWed., Nov. 232 p.m.

Peacock currently offers two paid plans, Premium and Premium Plus, both of which include access to all of the World Cup matches. Premium costs $4.99 per month and includes ads. In contrast, Peacock’s Premium Plus plan costs $9.99 per month and provides an ad-free viewing experience.

World cup games requiring Peacock Premium:

MatchDateKickoff (ET)
Switzerland vs. CameroonThu., Nov. 245 a.m.
Uruguay vs. South KoreaThu., Nov. 248 a.m.
Portugal vs. GhanaThu., Nov. 2411 a.m.
Brazil vs. SerbiaThu., Nov. 242 p.m.
Wales vs. IranFri., Nov. 255 a.m.
Qatar vs. SenegalFri., Nov. 258 a.m.
Netherlands vs. EcuadorFri., Nov. 2511 a.m.
England vs. USAFri., Nov. 252 p.m.
Tunisia vs. AustraliaSat., Nov. 265 a.m.
Poland vs. Saudi ArabiaSat., Nov. 268 a.m.
France vs. DenmarkSat., Nov. 2611 a.m.
Argentina vs. MexicoSat., Nov. 262 p.m.
Japan vs. Costa RicaSun., Nov. 275 a.m.
Belgium vs. MoroccoSun., Nov. 278 a.m.
Croatia vs. CanadaSun., Nov. 2711 a.m.
Spain vs. GermanySun., Nov. 272 p.m.
Cameroon vs. SerbiaMon., Nov. 285 a.m.
South Korea vs. GhanaMon., Nov. 288 a.m.
Brazil vs. SwitzerlandMon., Nov. 2811 a.m.
Portugal vs. UruguayMon., Nov. 282 p.m.
Ecuador vs. SenegalTue., Nov. 2910 a.m.
Netherlands vs. QatarTue., Nov. 2910 a.m.
Iran vs. USATue., Nov. 292 p.m.
Wales vs. EnglandTue., Nov. 292 p.m.
Tunisia vs. FranceWed., Nov. 3010 a.m.
Australia vs. DenmarkWed., Nov. 3010 a.m.
Saudi Arabia vs. MexicoWed., Nov. 302 p.m.
Poland vs. ArgentinaWed., Nov. 302 p.m.
Croatia vs. BelgiumThu., Dec. 110 a.m.
Canada vs. MoroccoThu., Dec. 110 a.m.
Japan vs. SpainThu., Dec. 12 p.m.
Costa Rica vs. GermanyThu., Dec. 12 p.m.
South Korea vs. PortugalFri., Dec. 210 a.m.
Ghana vs. UruguayFri., Dec. 210 a.m.
Cameroon vs. BrazilFri., Dec. 22 p.m.
Serbia vs. SwitzerlandFri., Dec. 22 p.m.
Round of 16: Game 1Sat., Dec. 310 a.m.
Round of 16: Game 2Sat., Dec. 32 p.m.
Round of 16: Game 3Sun., Dec. 410 a.m.
Round of 16: Game 4Sun., Dec. 42 p.m.
Round of 16: Game 5Mon., Dec. 510 a.m.
Round of 16: Game 6Mon., Dec. 52 p.m.
Round of 16: Game 7Tue., Dec. 610 a.m.
Round of 16: Game 8Tue., Dec. 62 p.m.
Quarterfinals: Game 1Fri., Dec. 910 a.m.
Quarterfinals: Game 2Fri., Dec. 92 p.m.
Quarterfinals: Game 3Sat., Dec. 1010 a.m.
Quarterfinals: Game 4Sat., Dec. 102 p.m.
Semifinals: Game 1Tue., Dec. 132 p.m.
Semifinals: Game 2Wed., Dec. 142 p.m.
3rd place match:Sat., Dec. 1710 a.m.
FinalSun., Dec. 1810 a.m.

Besides the live games, Peacock is also planning to show plenty of additional coverage for soccer fans to enjoy in-between matches, including daily highlight and analysis shows, on-demand full-match replays, and documentaries. All of which does make Peacock a good option for comprehensive World Cup 2022 coverage.

2022 World Cup On Peacock: summary

Peacock will be showing every 2022 World Cup game live, and will also be hosting plenty of additional World Cup-related content during the tournament. While the first 12 games will be available to watch for free, the remaining 54 will require a Peacock Premium or Premium Plus subscription. All of the live games that are available to watch on Peacock are only available in Spanish.

For those wanting to watch in English, a live TV subscription with access to Fox and FS1 will be required. Alternatively, all of the games can be watched for free via Tubi, just not live. Tubi will be providing full replays of every game shortly after they’ve ended, and all of the matches on Tubi can be watched in 4K.

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