Bally Sports App Issues Continue, Company ‘Actively Issuing’ Credits

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It seems the problems with the Bally Sports app are not over yet, and while it remains unclear when the issue will be permanently resolved, Bally Sports has confirmed it is actively issuing credits to affected subscribers.


It became clear there was a problem with Bally Sports at the start of the week when subscribers found they couldn’t sign in to the app. While that problem eventually appeared to be fixed, new issues surfaced the next day, stopping subscribers from streaming live sports.

Since then, problems have continued plaguing the app, and users are still reporting issues with the app today. A short time ago, Bally Sports issued a statement on social media addressing the ongoing service issues.


Bally Sports acknowledges that it had “been a tough week” and how ““we’re sorry” is not enough.” The statement goes on to explain that the company is “actively issuing credits” and “working around the clock to find a permanent solution.”

While Bally Sports has, almost on a daily basis, suggested the problems were fixed, the statement does all but confirm that a more fundamental issue is still in play. What’s more, the statement seems to suggest the company doesn’t know when “a permanent solution” will be found and applied.

Here is the most recent statement in full:

It’s been a tough week for the fans. We heard your feedback and worked to institute a few app updates in time for the NBA and NHL seasons. As you know, we encountered some issues we did not anticipate. “We’re sorry” is not enough, and we acknowledge this.

Demand is high and we are actively issuing credits. We are truly working around the clock to find a permanent solution and drive further optimizations and stability around our platforms.

We recognize our responsibility to deliver these games without disruption and cannot underscore the importance we are placing on these issues. Simply put, we haven’t been getting the job done and won’t rest until we do. We hope to earn back your trust in time.”

Bally Sports Help

On the topic of credits, Bally Sports hasn’t provided any detailed information on how they are being determined or issued. The Bally Sports Help X account appears to be readily responding to messages, so that’s one way to get in contact.


If reaching out on X, expect a reply requesting additional information including the billing zip code, the device being used to access the app, and clarification on whether a pay-TV or Bally Sports+ subscriber.

Alternatively, it is also possible to contact Bally Sports and request a refund credit throuh the Contact Us link at

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