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Bally Sports Providing 7-Day Credits To Customers Impacted By Outage

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Bally Sports is providing a seven-day credit to customers impacted by the recent outage. While the company had already confirmed it was ‘actively issuing’ credits, it was unclear how much of a credit was available, and how customers could redeem their credit.

Both of these questions were answered over the weekend in the form of an email that has been going out to affected customers. According to the email, those impacted by the outage will get a full 7-day credit and they won’t have to do anything to redeem it.

Instead, the credit will automatically be applied to the customer’s account in the next billing cycle. When that will be exactly, will depend on the individual account and when the next subscription payment is due.

It is worth noting that Bally Sports specifies that the credit is available to Bally Sports+ subscribers that signed up directly through the Bally Sports app and website. As a result, it remains unclear if those subscribed to Bally Sports through a live TV package will get a credit at all.

Other than the finer details of the credit, the email didn’t provide any additional context on the cause of the outage or whether it is actually, and fully, resolved. The issues continually surfaced throughout the week and this was in spite of daily suggestions that the problem had been fixed.

The email did state “we will continue to optimize over the next few days” and “we will not promise perfection but truly our mission is to deliver an improved experience because the teams and their fans deserve it.”

For any customers that have been impacted by the outage, and have yet to receive an email confirming the seven-day credit, it might be worth reaching out through the Contact Us link at and requesting the credit.

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