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What Happens If You Buy Sunday Ticket And Then Cancel YouTube TV?


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Purchasing NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube TV also requires the purchase of an annual subscription. But what happens if you cancel YouTube TV after signing up to Sunday Ticket?

Well, for one thing, you won’t have access to Sunday Ticket. One of the requirements of Sunday Ticket through YouTube TV is the maintaining of an active YouTube TV base plan subscription. So if the base plan is canceled after signing up to Sunday Ticket then the subscriber will lose access to the base plan and Sunday Ticket.

This is one of the reasons why YouTube is offering Sunday Ticket both through YouTube TV and YouTube TV Primetime Channels.

If you do not plan on remaining subscribed to the base plan throughout the entire season then it is probably wiser to purchase Sunday Ticket through YouTube than YouTube TV. Even though Sunday Ticket is more expensive through YouTube, the difference in price is cheaper than paying the monthly cost for live TV throughout the NFL season.

As a reminder, YouTube TV doesn’t offer refunds for NFL Sunday Ticket.

What if you come back to YouTube TV?

If you sign up to Sunday Ticket, cancel the YouTube TV base plan, and then sign back up again at a later time, you will also get access to your Sunday Ticket subscription once again.

While the base plan is a requirement for access to a purchased Sunday Ticket, you only lose access while you are not subscribed to the base plan. For example, if you sign up today, to take advantage of the presale discounts, and then cancel (or pause) the subscription until the start of the NFL season, you will still have access to Sunday Ticket once you sign back up to the base plan.

This does depend on you signing back up with the same Google account that was used previously to purchase Sunday Ticket. And this also means you won’t be able to take advantage of a free trial or sign up with any discounts or promotions that are offered to new users at the time.

The same is also the case if you cancel once the season begins. Basically, you have access to Sunday Ticket while you are paying for the base plan, and you won’t have access to Sunday Ticket when you are not paying for the base plan. How often you cancel or pause in between won’t affect that access.

No need to cancel Sunday Ticket through YouTube TV

It is worth keeping in mind that you don’t actually need to cancel Sunday Ticket. Unlike the base plan, which does need to be canceled or paused if you want to take a break from the monthly payments, Sunday Ticket is a one-time purchase.

Even though the cost of the NFL add-on is paid annually, there is no automatic billing in effect. Instead, you will need to purchase a whole new Sunday Ticket subscription again next year.

However, this is only for YouTube TV members. If you are signed up to NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube as a Primetime Channel then the subscription will automatically renew ahead of the next season at the then-current price. To manually cancel the auto-renew, head to the Primetime Channels settings on YouTube.

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