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Can You Gift NFL Sunday Ticket? No, But You Can Share A Subscription With Someone


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With football season getting closer, some may be wondering whether they can gift an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription to a friend or family member. The short answer is, other than giving them the money to purchase the subscription, you cannot directly gift an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription to someone else.

The slightly longer answer is that you can purchase a subscription for yourself and share it with someone else. In fact, a single NFL Sunday Ticket subscription can be shared with up to five other people (for a total of six people).

The ability to share an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription is primarily designed for those sharing a household, making it an ideal solution for family members, partners, or friends living together.

Sharing NFL Sunday Ticket With Someone

Sharing NFL Sunday Ticket is possible thanks to Google family groups. Essentially, the person purchasing a Sunday Ticket subscription, or any Primetime Channel through YouTube, can use their Google account to create a family group and invite up to five other people to become members of the group.

Inviting others to be part of a Google family group is as simply as sending an invite from your Google account to theirs. To get started either creating a family group or inviting members, simply head over to the Family section of the Google Account website and log in with your own Google account.

Once someone has accepted an invite, they will then have access to any purchased Primetime Channels linked to the family group manager’s account. In this case, NFL Sunday Ticket.

The Cost Of NFL Sunday Ticket

If opting to purchase and share an NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube Primetime Channels, the cost of the standalone subscription is currently $449 a year. This can either be paid in full when signing up or split over four months at $112.25 a month.

$449 a year through YouTube

Note: Sharing a subscription with other people is not possible if signing up to the cheaper NFL Sunday Ticket Student Plan.

YouTube TV subscribers can save on NFL Sunday Ticket when bundling the football subscription with the live TV package. If opting for this route, the cost of NFL Sunday Ticket works out to be $349 a year, or $87.25 a month over four months. This is on top of the regular $72.99 a month cost of YouTube TV.

As a Google family group can also be used to share a YouTube TV subscription, additional family group members will also get access to YouTube’s live TV service along with NFL Sunday Ticket.

$349 a year through YouTube TV

Regardless of whether signing up through YouTube Primetime Channels or YouTube TV, NFL Sunday Ticket comes with an unlimited number of streams so everyone a subscription is shared with should be able to access the service on their preferred devices at the same time. That’s providing all of the devices are connected to the same Home network.

Sharing With YouTube vs Sharing With YouTube TV

If you don’t plan to remain a YouTube TV subscriber for the full length of the football season, opting to pay more for the standalone NFL Sunday Ticket subscription through YouTube Primetime Channels is likely to be the better option.

Even though YouTube TV subscribers get NFL Sunday Ticket at a cheaper price, YouTube requires NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers to keep their YouTube TV plan active to retain access to Sunday Ticket. In other words, if you cancel YouTube TV during the season, you’ll also lose access to Sunday Ticket as well.

Due to this, signing up for NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube is likely to be the best option, especially if only signing up to gift the subscription to someone else.

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