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DirecTV 4K (Channel 104) Now Rolling Out To Roku Devices


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DirecTV 4K (Channel 104) now appears to be in the process of rolling out to Roku devices. Due to the nature of the rollout, it may take some time for an individual Roku device to get the update. It also may roll out to different Roku devices in the same home at different times.

DirecTV 4K is the new and main 4K channel offered by DirecTV to both DirecTV via Internet and DirecTV Stream subscribers. According to the company, DirecTV 4K is designed to be a 24/7 channel featuring shows, original series, and documentaries in 4K.

After starting to show up on the company’s own Osprey and Gemini Air devices last week, the channel now appears to be rolling out to Roku devices as well. We’ve seen a number of user reports over the past twenty-four hours confirming that Channel 104 is now available on their Roku devices.

In addition to the user reports, DirecTV recently confirmed “live 4K broadcasts are currently available on DIRECTV channel 104 for customers with Gemini or Roku devices” and at no additional cost.

From what we understand, the availability of DirecTV 4K is related to a DirecTV app update that began rolling out in the past day or so. In other words, if not currently running the latest version of the app on a Roku device then you probably won’t have access to the channel.

For reference, DirecTV 4K is expected to become available on other compatible platforms and devices in the future. In addition to its own devices and Roku players, DirecTV previously confirmed DirecTV 4K UHD streaming support extends to compatible Android TV, Apple TV, and Fire TV devices as well.

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