DirecTV and DirecTV Stream Prices To Increase In November 2023

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DirecTV has confirmed it is raising prices next month, with the November price increase affecting all DirecTV and DirecTV Stream live TV packages. In the case of DirecTV Stream, this amounts to the second price increase in 2023 alone.


At the start of the year, DirecTV increased the price of all of its DirecTV Stream packages, resulting in the cheapest Entertainment plan climbing up to $74.99 a month. From November 5, 2023, the cost of the Entertainment plan will increase by another $5 to $79.99 a month.

The situation actually gets worse for the more expensive DirecTV Stream plans. Starting from November 5th, the cost of DirecTV’s Choice plan will increase by $9 to $108.99. Worst still, both Ultimate and Premier plans will increase by $10 a month. This means the cost of Ultimate will increase to $119.99 a month and Premier will increase to $164.99 a month.


Here’s a recap of those November 5th DirecTV Stream Price increases:

(Nov. 5)

For those signed up to DirecTV’s Optimo Más plan, the cost will also increase by $5 a month on the same day.

As mentioned, DirecTV plans are also increasing on November 5th. For those signed up to DirecTV via Internet, they should be protected by the 2-year price guarantee. For those signed up to a DirecTV via Satellite plan, see this article for confirmation on how much their base plan (and potentially their Regional Sports fee) will increase by.

In addition to price increases for all of the main DirecTV Stream live TV packages, DirecTV also confirmed price increases for its grandfathered plans, as well as its AMC+ and Showtime add-ons.

DirecTV Stream packages
Price increase
Just Right
Live a Little
Gotta Have It
Go Big
Plus w/o HBO
Optimo Mas

In terms of why this price increase is happening, DirecTV said, the following:

We’re adjusting the price of your television package in order to remain competitive in the marketplace, while still delivering the best possible programming. TV networks are continuing to increase the fees they charge DIRECTV for the right to distribute the content they produce, including movies, shows, and sporting events. We remain steadfast in our commitment to bring you the best programming at a fair and reasonable price.”

As is typically the case with any price increase, while new subscribers will be charged the higher rates when signing up on or after November 5th, existing DirecTV and DirecTV Stream subscribers won’t see their prices increase until their next billing cycle on or after November 5, 2023.


Likewise, anyone currently locked into a promotional price, such as the ‘$30 off 3 months’ deal that DirecTV Stream is currently offering, will only pay the newer November rates after their promotional period comes to an end.

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