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DirecTV To Give Another 10,000 Gemini Air Devices Away For Free


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A DirecTV Community Specialist has confirmed that the company will be providing another 10,000 customers with a free Gemini Air streaming player. For reference, this is a different device to the recently announced Gemini player that customers can now get when signing up to either a DirecTV via Internet or DirecTV via Satellite package.

That first round of invites that went out marked the first time that we learned anything about the Gemini Air. In total, the previous round of invites made it possible for 1,000 DirecTV Stream subscribers to get one of the devices for free.

As to be expected with a free device, the initial 1,000 devices were allocated extremely quickly. Fast enough that they were likely gone before many subscribers even realized they could claim one. Now, a DirecTV Community Specialist has confirmed on Reddit that another 10,000 devices are set to become available soon.

According to the message, which was in response to a thread about another customer representative confirming an expansion of the Gemini Air pilot program, the next 10,000 invites will again be sent out to customers via email.

The message also confirmed that these devices would be made available at no additional cost.

We are expanding the trial! Another 10,000 customers will receive a confirmation email to let them know when they’ll receive the devices at no cost. Please be attentive to your email to see if you were selected to receive the GEMINI. Thank you for choosing DIRECTV.”

DirecTV Community Specialist / Reddit

As it currently remains to be seen exactly when the emails are due to be sent out, those interested in securing a free Gemini Air streaming player will probably want to keep an eye on their inbox for the invite. For what it’s worth, the Reddit user who posted the original message was told that invites would go “in the next few days.”

For those that are unsure whether this new device is worth the effort, some of the first wave units have already made their way out to customers, providing everyone with a closer look at the streaming player, and what it has to offer in terms of software and user experience.

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