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DirecTV Rolls Out New App Experience On Roku, And Users Are Not Happy


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DirecTV has started rolling out its new app experience on Roku devices for DirecTV and DirecTV Stream subscribers. While the updated app is designed to offer a cleaner user experience, users appear to be unhappy with the update so far.

The new DirecTV experience first came to light in early September, when the company began advertising the new app on devices. Since then, the app has rolled out to DirecTV’s own Gemini line of devices.

Now Roku devices are also in the process of being updated with the new look and design, which actually looks very similar to YouTube TV. As was the case with the Gemini device rollout, the new Roku app places more of a focus on content, and switches from a top horizontal menu to a left-side menu.

While designed to be a positive change that makes it easier to see and find content, the initial response from Roku users is not equally as positive, with many having now taken to Reddit and X to voice their concerns. One of the most common complaints we are already seeing is the longer route users now have to take to get to the Guide.

Previously, users could just press down to bring up the Guide, making it easy enough to quickly change between channels. However, the latest update seems to remove this shortcut completely. Instead, users now need to first press back to access the new menu and then select Guide.

Other users seem to have more of a wholesale dislike for the new experience. In one Reddit thread, users referred to the update as “not user friendly”, “many steps backwards”, “a regression” and “unusable.” Similar sentiments have routinely been popping up on X this morning as well.

DirecTV has been fairly active in responding to these complaints so far, but it remains to be seen if anything meaningful will emerge from the feedback. The new app update is unlikely to be pulled back, and it remains to be seen whether DirecTV will find a way to add back popular features, like the quick access to the Guide.

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