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A New DirecTV Stream Home Screen Is Coming Soon


New DirecTV Home screen design

It looks like DirecTV Stream is about to get a new Home screen experience that looks quite different to the version existing subscribers are used to.

Marketing materials that some DirecTV Stream subscribers have started seeing pop up on their devices advertise the new DirecTV experience as including “a new homepage with all your shows and movies right at your fingertips.”

This is in addition to “your sports, front and center” and “instant access to your favorite apps,” suggesting quite a wholesale change to the design and user experience is coming.

Images accompanying the advertisement seem to show a more refined design, along with a switch from a top horizontal menu to a left-side menu, which is somewhat typical of streaming service apps.

New DirecTV Home screen
Source: jamie27889 / DirecTV Forums

DirecTV Stream and DirecTV via Internet are both now accessed through the single DirecTV app that’s available to download on a variety of devices, which would suggest that all platforms will likely gain the new Home screen experience.

That said, it seems unlikely that all supported devices will get the updated user experience at the same time. DirecTV has been rolling out 4K support in recent months and that’s something that has become available much sooner on some devices than others.

For example, Android TV still hasn’t received 4K support, even though Apple TV, Fire TV, Gemini, and Roku devices all have.

As is to be expected with DirecTV, it seems highly likely that the company’s own Gemini devices will be the first in line to get the updated design, before it then rolls out to other devices.

As to when the rollout will begin, that still remains unknown. For now, DirecTV is simply advertising its new experience as “coming soon.”

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