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Frndly TV Is Now Available On Samsung Smart TVs In The US


Frndly TV Live Guide Section

With a dedicated Frndly TV app now available, Samsung smart TV owners in the US can stream live TV from as little as $7 per month, and without the need for an additional device.

While smart TVs have been one of the biggest device support issues with Frndly TV in the past, that appears to now be changing. Back in April, Frndly TV added support for Vizio smart TVs and now, only two months later, the company has added support for Samsung TVs as well.

Following the launch of a Frndly TV app on Samsung’s TV platform, owners of a 2018 or newer Samsung TV can now install the app directly on their device, omitting the need for an additional streaming player. 2017 Samsung smart TVs are also due to gain support in the near future, although when exactly remains unknown.

With both Samsung and Vizio now supported, Frndly TV has taken a big step into the first-party TV market, opening the door to millions of homes that primarily use their TV’s operating system to access apps.

The one major TV hurdle still remaining, however, is LG, and there is currently no word on whether support for the LG TV platform will be added in the future.

For those Samsung TV owners that are new to Frndly TV, the big selling point with this live TV service is the price. With plans starting at just $6.99 per month, Frndly TV is significantly cheaper than many other services, including Philo and Sling TV.

As to be expected, plans this cheap do come with more of a limited channel selection than other live TV providers. That said, if the channel lineup meets your needs, Frndly TV can be a good way to save on the coct of live TV, and now Samsung TV owners can find out for themselves.

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