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fuboTV Explains What Happened During Dec. 14 Outage


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As many fuboTV subscribers will be acutely aware, the live TV streaming service encountered an outage on Dec. 14 which prevented users from accessing their account and watching live TV. The outage began early in the morning and continued throughout most of the day, including during the second World Cup semi-final. Considering fuboTV comes with an extra emphasis on sports, the World Cup match between France and Morocco was one that many subscribers would have wanted to watch live.

It is not unusual for streaming services to encounter issues that affect subscribers, or even take a service temporarily offline for a short time. For example, Philo recently encountered an issue during the season premier of Yellowstone. However, this fuboTV issue lasted much longer than many would have initially expected, and it is now clear that the reason was not a run-of-the-mill technical issue.

Following yesterday’s downtime, fuboTV has now released a statement explaining that the issues subscribers faced were not the result of any bandwidth or technical problems. Instead, fuboTV itself was the target of a criminal cyber attack. fuboTV goes on to further state that it has since reported the incident to the relevant authorities.

fuboTV has yet to explain whether any user data was compromised during the cyber attack, but does say that it is “committed to transparency” and “absolutely dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience while protecting customer data.” The company has also now enlisted the help of Mandiant to assist with the investigation and plans to issue further updates as and when they become available. Mandiant is a cybersecurity firm owned by Google.

For those interested, here is the full statement from fuboTV on the December 14, 2022 cyber attack.

fuboTV now appears to be back up and running again. While normal service began to resume yesterday evening, some users may have still encountered issues throughout the evening and into the early hours of this morning. By now, however, it is expected that most, if not all, fuboTV subscribers should have access to their accounts and service again.

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