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Google TV Makes It Easier To Access Recent Live Channels And Local News Channels


Live TV Channels on Google TV

A new Google TV update makes it easier for users to access recently viewed live channels and local news channels. The update also adds some new free channels and looks to further improve performance in general.

In terms of easier navigation, Google has introduced two new categories to the Google TV Live section. The first, Recents, is exactly what it sounds like – a section where users will find the free TV channels they’ve recently watched.

The other new category is Local news. Once again, this is fairly self-explanatory as the new category makes it easier for users to discover and access the free news channels available in their area. Further adding to the local news experience, a new Free live news & opinion row on can also now be found in the For you tab.

We actually noticed the addition of the Free live news & opinion row last week when it became clear Google had added a new interactive advent calendar to Google TV, so this is one change others users may have already noticed.

Outside of the two new categories, Google has added 14 new free channels, including the Xumo Holiday Movie Channel, DraftKings, and Speedvision FAST channels.

The latest update also looks to improve speed and performance in general. Google has optimized the way the Home screen loads recommendation rows and uses memory, while also simplifying basic system apps to run lighter. The combined result, according to Google, is a smoother and faster experience.

To further improve the experience, Google also explained it has improved response speed by preloading rows, optimizing tab loading, and delivering faster search results. The size of unused preinstalled apps has also been reduced, in a bid to further free up storage space on Google TV devices

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