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Got a Xumo Stream Box? Don’t Forget It Comes With 6 Free Months Of Peacock


Xumo Stream Box

The Xumo Stream Box from Charter and Comcast is becoming more widely available. Along with Spectrum and Xfinity customers, Mediacom Xtream Internet customers also recently gained the option to get the 4K streaming player. In addition, the Xumo Stream Box can also be purchased directly from Xumo for a one-off payment of $59.99.

While there are plenty of streaming players and devices to buy instead, and often at a cheaper price, the Xumo Stream Box is designed to appeal to those looking for a simpler user experience. For example, there are no apps to download and there are more than 300 channels available to stream for free through Xumo Play.

Peacock is one of the 250+ apps that come pre-installed on the Xumo Stream Box, and device users have the option to get six months of Peacock Premium for free. Peacock Premium typically costs $5.99 a month or $59.99 a year, resulting in a saving of up to $35.94. Unlike Premium Plus, the standard Premium plan includes ads, doesn’t offer access to a subscriber’s local NBC channel, and doesn’t include the option to download videos to watch offline.

How to redeem six free months of Peacock

Redeeming the six free months of Peacock is pretty simple as the user just needs to open the Peacock app on the Xumo Stream Box and click on “Get Offer.”

Peacock sign up page on Xumo Stream Box
Peacock sign-up page on Xumo Stream Box

The user will then need to go through the motions of creating an account and this includes providing a payment method. While the first six months are free, Peacock requires a payment method on file to ensure the subscription continues without interruption once it switches to a paid subscription.

For those that already have a Peacock account, it is possible to sign in using those existing account details and redeem the offer. However, this only applies to free Peacock account users. Those already subscribed to either Peacock Premium or Premium Plus are not eligible for the free Peacock promotion.

Once signed up or signed in, the device user will have access to Peacock Premium for free for the first six months.

Other things to know before redeeming this Peacock offer

While signing up for the six free months is easy enough, there are some caveats to be aware of. As mentioned, the free six months are not available to existing Peacock Premium or Premium Plus subscribers. If considering signing up for the free subscription using a different email, remember to cancel the existing Peacock subscription afterwards.

It is also not possible to upgrade the free subscription to Premium Plus to take advantage of the additional benefits. While Xumo Stream Box users can upgrade to Premium Plus at any time, upgrading will forgo any remaining free months and result in the user immediately being charged the full price of Premium Plus (currently $11.99/month).

Lastly, automatic billing is in effect. In other words, the subscription will auto-renew at the usual price (currently $5.99/month) once the free period comes to an end. The only way to avoid the free subscription automatically converting to a paid subscription is to cancel Peacock before the end of the last free month.

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