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How To Watch CBS Sports Network Without Cable (As Cheap As Possible)


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For those looking to watch CBS Sports Network without cable, there are a number of streaming options available. However, none of them are particularly cheap.

CBS Sports Network is a good option for live sports. With more than 4,500 hours of live programming every year, the 24-hour channel televises live college football and college basketball. This is in addition to various other conferences, leagues, and sports, including MW, AAC, Big East, C-USA, WCC, A-10, Army, Navy, the Patriot League, the WNBA, and Professional Bull Riding.

Before digging into the options, it is worth noting that Paramount Plus does include access to some CBS Sports content. Even though Paramount Plus doesn’t unlock access to the actual CBS Sports Network channel, it does provide access to select live CBS Sports events as well as the CBS Sports HQ linear channel.

If Paramount Plus doesn’t offer enough CBS Sports content for you, then you will need to consider signing up to a live TV package that includes the channel. At present, there are four live TV services that offer CBS Sports Network as part of their live TV lineups.

Live TV services with access to CBS Sports Network:

The cheapest way to stream CBS Sports Network

The very cheapest way to stream CBS Sports Network right now is Hulu Live TV. Hulu offers one main live TV plan that’s priced at $69.99. This package offers access to more than 85 live TV channels, including CBS Sports Network.

Hulu Live TV
Hulu LIve TV guide$77+ a month
95+ channels
2 streams
Unlimited DVR
Disney+ and ESPN+
3 Days Free

While $70 is pretty expensive for a live TV streaming plan, Hulu Live TV subscribers do also get access to Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and the basic Hulu catalog as well.

If you are already paying for one of these services, the saving on the cost of those existing subscriptions might help to lower the cost of watching CBS Sports Network even further.

In addition to the channel lineup and the additional subscriptions, Hulu Live TV subscribers also get access to an unlimited cloud DVR and the ability to stream on up to two devices at the same time.

Other CBS Sports Network streaming options

If Hulu Live TV doesn’t seem like the right live TV service for you, the next cheapest way to stream CBS Sports Network is YouTube TV. Similar to Hulu, YouTube TV only offers one main plan. Priced at $72.99 per month, YouTube TV offers access to more than 100 live TV channels, including CBS Sports Network.

YouTube TV
YouTube TV live guide listings$73 a month
100+ channels
3 streams
Unlimited DVR
$58/mo for 3 months

Alternatively, Fubo costs a minimum of $75 per month and also provides access to CBS Sports Network. Technically, Fubo offers more than one plan to choose from, but CBS Sports Network is available with the cheapest Pro plan, priced at $74.99.

fuboTV live guide listings$80+ a month
190+ channels
10 streams
1000-hour DVR
7-Day Free Trial

It is worth noting that Fubo also charges an RSN fee in many areas, so the cost of the Pro plan could be higher.

Lastly, there’s DirecTV Stream. Similar to Fubu, DirecTV Stream also offers more than one live TV package for homes to choose from. Unlike Fubo, however, CBS Sports Network is not included with the cheapest package. Instead, those specifically wanting access to CBS Sports Network will need to sign up to the Ultimate package.

While Ultimate does provide access to more than 140 live TV channels, it does also cost a minimum of $109.99 a month, making it an expensive live TV plan, and even by DirecTV Stream’s standards.

DirecTV Stream
Directv stream live guide$80+
75+ channels
20 streams (at home)
Unlimited DVR
5 Days Free

Watching CBS Sports Network with TV Everywhere

TV Everywhere support provides live TV subscribers with the option to sign in and watch through a network app or website instead of through the live TV service’s app or website.

That said, not all networks offer TV Everywhere support, and not all live TV services provide TV Everywhere support for every channel they carry. With CBS Sports Network, however, this is not an issue. DirecTV Stream, Fubo, Hulu Live TV, and You’ve TV all currently offer TV Everywhere support for CBS Sports Network.

As a result, subscribers to any of these services can sign in on the CBS Sports Network website to watch live or download the CBS Sports app on their preferred device and log in to the app.

Watching CBS Sports Network options: recap

To recap the options available, DirecTV Stream, Fubo, Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV all currently include CBS Sports Network in their channel lineups. However, they are all priced differently, with Hulu Live TV ($69.99/month) the cheapest option overall.

YouTube TV ($72.99/month) and Fubo ($75.99/month) are the next two cheapest options, while DirecTV Stream ($109.99/month) the most expensive option overall.

If all of these options prove too expensive, it might be worth checking out Paramount Plus to see if its limited selection of CBS Sports content is enough. Paramount Plus offers two main plans to choose from, with the cheapest being the $4.99 a month Essential plan.

Paramount+ Live TV$5.99/$11.99 per month
Live channels
On-demand library
3 Streams
7 Days Free
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