Hulu Live TV Free Trial, Deals And Promotions: Ways To Save

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Hulu Live TV is not the cheapest live TV streaming service around, but it does offer good value overall. In addition, the service does occasionally run limited-time deals and promotions that can further help to reduce the cost of a subscription, even if only for a limited time. For those that only want access to live TV, there is also the ability to save a very small amount on the monthly cost.


As streaming has become more common, the choice of services has increased greatly with consumers now able to pick from a variety of different subscriptions. In comparison, the options for streaming live TV over the internet remain limited to a handful of services. To make matters worse, the cost of live TV streaming has steadily been increasing over time, and the price of Hulu Live TV is no exception. In spite of starting out at just $39.99 per month, the standard Hulu Live TV subscription price has risen dramatically since those early days.

With more than four million subscribers, Hulu Live TV is one of the more popular live TV streaming services in the United States. While good value overall, Hulu Live TV still costs $69.99 per month and that’s a lot of money to hand over without really knowing whether this is the right service. Unfortunately, Hulu Live TV does not offer a free trial making it near impossible to test out the service before having to pay. Hulu did previously offer a 7-day live TV free trial, and still offers a free trial with its basic Hulu plans, but no longer offers a free period for those subscribing to the live TV plan.


Ways to save on Hulu Live TV

One of the benefits of signing up to Hulu Live TV is that it comes with basic Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ subscriptions included in the price. Although this is not strictly a promotion, it is certainly a way to save on the cost of multiple subscriptions. For any subscribers that are already paying for basic Hulu, Disney+ or ESPN+, and especially if paying for all three at the same time, the cost of live TV could be considerably cheaper if taking advantage of Hulu’s bundle. For example, each of these services typically cost around $7 per month and can be bundled together for $13.99 per month. Even at the bundled price, this brings the cost of live TV down to around $55 per month for those already paying separately for the additional services.

Of course, those savings are only possible if already subscribing to all of these additional services or planning to. For those that just want access to live TV, there is the option to save, albeit very slightly, on the cost by removing all of the additional services. To explain, while the Hulu Live TV package costs $69.99 per month, Hulu does also offer a ‘live TV only‘ plan. This subscription costs $68.99 per month resulting in a saving of $1 per month. Even though it’s not the greatest saving in the world, there’s no need to pay even $1 more for unwanted services.

Hulu Live TV also often runs various limited-time promotions which can further reduce the cost. It is never clear exactly when these deals and promotions go live, but they are usually always displayed at the top of the Hulu website. In the past, Hulu has offered the option to sign up to the live TV plan at $10 less per month for the first three months, resulting in a saving of $30 over a three-month period. In addition, and even though Hulu doesn’t offer a free trial any more, the service may occasionally offer new subscribers the option to try the service for free for a limited time.


Hulu Live TV promotions summary

Hulu Live TV costs $69.99 per month but there is often various ways to save on the cost. For example, if already paying for basic Hulu, Disney+ or ESPN+, these subscriptions are included in the price of a Hulu Live TV. Therefore, signing up to Hulu Live TV will mean those additional subscriptions can be canceled and their monthly cost saved. If happening to pay for all three of these subscriptions separately, this could result in a fairly big saving each month. Hulu Live TV does also offer the option to subscribe to a live TV only plan which removes all of these additional subscriptions. The saving is only $1 per month, but it is still a dollar saved.

While Hulu does not offer a free trial, the service does often run promotions throughout the year which can also help with the cost. These can range from a discount on the monthly amount to the option to add other subscriptions or features at a cheaper price than usual. These promotions are typically only available for a limited time, and can become available at any time.

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