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ION, ION Mystery And Grit Added To Frndly TV Lineup


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Frndly TV subscribers can now watch ION, ION Mystery and Grit, after the three Scripps Networks channels were added to the lineup. These latest additions come just one week after the Cowboy Way channel was added to Frndly TV.

For those unfamiliar with Frndly TV, this is a live TV streaming service that’s designed to be affordable. With live TV packages starting at just $7 per month, Frndly TV is significantly cheaper than the likes of DirecTV Stream, Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV. It costs even less than the more affordable live TV services like Philo and Sling TV.

As to be expected with such a low price, the channel lineup is more limited when compared to what’s typically available through other live TV providers. However, Frndly TV has slowly been expanding the selection over time, and now with the addition of ION, ION Mystery and Grit, the number of channels has risen to 45.

Existing subscribers can already access the new channels and should be able to see them as available when checking the live TV guide. Likewise, those signing up to Frndly TV will also notice that ION, ION Mystery, and Grit are now being advertised as part of the base live TV package.

Scripps Networks has actually been making a few deals of late. For example, YouTube TV only just agreed a new deal with Scripps Networks which resulted in the addition of ION, Bounce and Scripps News. Likewise, FuboTV agreed a deal with Scripps Networks back in December which saw its subscribers gaining access to ION, ION Mystery, ION Plus, Bounce, Grit, and Newsy.

Of course, both fuboTV and YouTube TV do charge a much higher monthly price for their base plans, making Frndly TV now a good and cheap option for any homes specifically looking for access to either ION, ION Mystery, or Grit.

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