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This Peacock Can Fly: JetBlue Unveils New Peacock Livery To Celebrate Partnership


JetBlue Peacock Livery

Don’t be surprised if you board a Peacock-themed plan the next time you fly with JetBlue, as the airline has unveiled a new Peacock-inspired aircraft livery as part of its partnership with the streaming service.

The agreement between JetBlue and Peacock was first announced late last year, and advertised as a way for subscribers to watch their favorite content while flying. Last month, the partnership became more of a reality with the launch of Peacock-related benefits for TrueBlue members.

This week, JetBlue unveiled its latest aircraft livery and it is entirely Peacock-inspired. Along with a “This Peacock Can Fly” tagline, the livery features an all-black design and Peacock branding on the side of the fuselage and tail fin.

As a reminder of what’s actually on offer through the partnership, the airline now provides access to Peacock Original content onboard JetBlue flights. In addition, TrueBlue members can get 1,000 points when starting a new Peacock subscription, while those with Mosaic status are eligible to get 12 months of Peacock for free as an added benefit.

For reference, this is not the only time the aviation and streaming worlds have met. Other deals between airlines and streaming services over the past few years include Paramount Plus teaming up with Delta to offer additional benefits to SkyMiles members, and DirecTV partnering with Southwest to offer travelers the option to watch live TV for free on select flights.

Not to mention, most airlines, including JetBlue, offer inflight Wi-Fi, making it possible for travelers to access their preferred streaming services, including Peacock, on their own devices.

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