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Legacy DirecTV Plans Finally Getting Unlimited DVR Upgrade


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It looks like grandfathered DirecTV Stream customers are now in the process of getting their DVR upgraded to unlimited. Accounts seem to be in the process of being updated individually, so it is possible some customers may still only have access to a limited DVR for now. However, we are seeing enough user reports to suggest the upgraded DVR is rolling out widely.

While DirecTV Stream offers an unlimited DVR to all customers signing up today, the free unlimited DVR has only been offered since early 2022. Before then, customers were limited to just 20 hours of recording space, with the option of upgrading for an additional $10 a month.

Since that early 2022 change, many legacy DirecTV customers have remained on the same 20-hour DVR plan, greatly limiting how many recordings they can store at the same time. Today, however, user reports on Reddit and X are coming through confirming that the DVR is now in the process of being upgraded to unlimited, and at no additional cost.

As we are seeing reports of customers who have not been upgraded yet, it is possible that the change may take some time to reach all accounts. Also, customers may see they have access to the unlimited DVR (in Library) even if their account suggests it is still limited.

While DirecTV Stream appears to be offering the upgrade at no additional cost, it is worth keeping in mind that the live TV service is about to get another price increase in general, and the latest increase affects grandfathered DirecTV plans as well. Exactly how much a plan is increasing by depends on the package, but the cost of all of DirecTV Stream’s live TV plans will go up beginning November 5, 2023.

Still, having access to more recording space is better than the situation before, and certainly better than paying the new rates without having been upgraded to an unlimited cloud DVR.

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