Level News Is Shutting Down At The End Of The Month

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Level News is shutting down at the end of the month with September 30th confirmed as the last operational day. As a result, and starting from October, existing subscribers will need to find an alternative way to access live news.


While Level News might not have been as well known as some other streaming services, it offered a good deal for those looking for a cheap way to watch live news. Basically, a subscription cost $5.99 a month and unlocked access to a variety of news networks, including C-SPAN and NewsNation.

However, Level News is now in the process of being discontinued. The confirmation can be seen on the Level News website, which states the “Level News service will be discontinued as of September 30, 2023.” Level News has already stopped the option for users to sign up for a new subscription.


In terms of why the service is closing down, Level News has simply failed to attract enough users. While the discontinuation notice makes clear it had built up a “loyal audience” it also states “we have been unable to attain a sufficient number of subscribers or attract adequate financial support to sustain the costs of operating the service.”

Here is the Level News Discontinuation Notice in full:

We regretfully announce that Level News service will be discontinued as of September 30, 2023. Access for existing subscribers will continue until that date. No new trials or subscriptions are available. Existing customers with a balance of time available on their monthly subscription will automatically receive a pro rata refund for the balance of time remaining.

We created Level News to address the opportunity to deliver quality, balanced TV news at a low price. We believe this service is important, as it fills a gap for TV news as U.S. households increasingly drop their cable TV service.

We have attracted a small, loyal audience and know that many people rely on us for their daily news. However, we have been unable to attain a sufficient number of subscribers or attract adequate financial support to sustain the costs of operating the service. We will continue to look for solutions over the coming days and will post any announcement here if our plans change.

Thank you to our customers and partners for all your support.

Level News

As explained in the discontinuation notice, existing subscribers will continue to have access through Sept. 30, and will receive a prorated refund for the part of October that they’ve already paid for through their monthly subscription.

Level News only launched late last year. After a soft launch in November, the service officially launched in December 2022. With its discontinuation notice now confirming the shutting down of the service at the end of September, Level News lasted less than one year.


While Level News never provided access to CNN, Warner Bros. Discovery launched its CNN Max service earlier today, unlocking access to a 24/7 live news feed and additional CNN content within the Max app, and at no additional cost.

For those more interested in a different news network, including NewsNation, they now need to consider an alternative way to access their preferred news channel.

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