M/LUX Launches On Vizio WatchFree+, Offering Access To Luxury Lifestyle Content

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Modern Luxury Media has launched M/LUX, a new video-on-demand streaming offering that’s premiering exclusively on Vizio’s WatchFree+ service.


Vizio launched its VIZIO Branded Content Studio (VBCS) business unit earlier this year. The idea with the VBCS is to provide companies with an additional (and more engaging) way to advertise on the platform.

The new M/LUX streaming library that’s now available on Vizio smart TVs has launched as part of that VIZIO Branded Content Studio program. According to the announcement, the M/LUX partnership provides “premium advertisers across the Modern Luxury Media publishing portfolio an opportunity to expand their reach into millions of VIZIO homes.”


In terms of what viewers can expect, M/LUX features both feature-length and episodic luxury lifestyle content, with the on-demand library covering various topics, including Food + Drink, Home + Design, Art + Culture, Travel + Adventure, and Fashion + Beauty.

M/LUX enables audiences to experience different aspects of luxury lifestyles in their own way, everyday,” said Mike Pallad, President of Modern Luxury Media. “Stories about fashion icons, travel hotspots, classic cars, amazing homes, exciting art, and more. We are proud to work with VIZIO to deliver this new programming to WatchFree+ audiences for the first time.”

With M/LUX now available within the WatchFree+ app, Vizio users can access all of the new luxury lifestyle-focused content for free.

For those new to WatchFree+, this is Vizio’s own streaming service that offers access to a selection of fast, ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channels as well as a library of free on-demand content, including the recently added M/LUX streaming library.


For those more interested in football than luxury lifestyle content, Vizio also recently added a new Football Kickoff Collection to the Home screen, making it easier for TV owners to find additional football-related content to watch during the season.

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