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Vizio Adds Football-Themed Collection To The Home Screen


Vizio football home collection

Vizio has added a new Football Kickoff Collection to the Home screen to celebrate the start of the new season and help smart TV owners more easily find football-related content to watch.

Vizio routinely adds new themed collections to the Home screen, and usually to tie in with something that’s happening at the same time. For example, Vizio added Fall Fest, Winter Watchland, and Spring Showcase collections over the past year.

With football season now starting up, fans will need access to multiple apps and services if they want to watch as much content as possible, and this is something Vizio is hoping to make it easier for football fans with its new collection. As Vizio explains, “Vizio’s Home screen is this year’s destination for live games, free tailgate-ready content, movies and more.”

Basically, the collection makes it possible for smart TV users to explore a curated selection of football-related content, including movies, documentaries, and interviews. The collection also provides direct access to popular streaming apps for viewing live sports.

In addition, Vizio TV users can also expect WatchFree+ streaming channels that are playing football-related content, including Pac 12 and Sports Grid, to be highlighted in the collection as well.

For those unfamiliar with WatchFree+, this is Vizio’s own streaming service that’s only available on the company’s smart TVs. WatchFree+ unlocks access to a library of free movies, shows, and more, as well as a wide selection of free, ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channels.

Back in August, Vizio confirmed that it ended the more recent quarter with 17.6 million SmartCast active accounts. With that many users, it stands to reason there will be plenty of football fans using the company’s TVs as well.

All of them can also now access the new Football Kickoff Collection to find even more football content to watch.

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