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New Promo Code Drops Peacock Annual Plan Down To Just $20


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Those signing up to Peacock for the first time can currently get an annual subscription for just $19.99 when signing up with a new promo code. Annual Peacock plans typically start at $49.99 so this is a fairly major saving compared to the usual cost.

To be clear, a drop in price from $49.99 to $19.99 for Peacock Premium is not a new thing as this tends to be a deal that goes live multiple times a year. Nevertheless, it is still a significant saving for those that are sure they will use the service for a full twelve months.

As is usually the case with these deals, the option to sign up at the lower rate is only available to those new to Peacock. Provided that is the case, sign up through the website as normal and use the N2TEWDZZ promotion code in the Have a promo code? box to reduce the price down from $49.99 to $19.99.

For those that would prefer to sign up to Premium Plus to benefit from the additional features including an ad-free viewing experience, the same promo code can also be used to reduce the cost by $30.

Essentially, the promo code reduces the Premium portion of the Premium Plus ad-free subscription down to the same $19.99 level. Peacock then charges an additional $50 for the Plus upgrade for the year, taking the overall total to $69.99. Again, this is $30 cheaper than the usual $99.99 price for the annual Peacock Premium Plus plan.

For reference, it looks like this promotion has been made available through a partnership with Macy’s. As a result, Star Reward members may find they are being offered the same deal as a reward.

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