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Philo’s Base Plan Increases In Price, Now Costs $28 A Month


New Philo Home Screen showing larger featured programming

Philo‘s base live TV package now costs $28, resulting in a $3 monthly price increase. Considering Philo announced the price increase last month, this is not a sudden change in the cost of a subscription.

For reference, it is not just the price that’s changed, as Philo has essentially rebranded the plan. Simply known as the Philo base plan up until now, the base package is now officially a ‘Philo Core’ plan, and the old version is now referred to as the ‘Philo Legacy’ plan.

While Philo doesn’t offer an alternative paid subscription, Philo recently launched a free tier. It is assumed the launch of the Free tier has contributed to the Philo Core rebranding, making it easier for consumers to tell the difference between its free and paid plans.

For those that are already signed up to Philo, their price is not scheduled to increase. Philo has always looked to ensure its customers don’t encounter a price increase and that approach remains in effect with this latest price adjustment.

However, with the launch of the new Core package, Philo Legacy subscribers can now expect to see the option to upgrade to Philo Core on their Account page. While that option is there, it is only an option. Providing the subscription remains active, the price the subscriber pays will remain the same.

For Philo Legacy subscribers that do opt to upgrade to the new Philo Core plan to take advantage of the additional benefits, including AMC+, they will lose the option to revert back again to Philo Legacy.

Regardless of whether signing up for the first time or upgrading from the legacy base package, $28 a month is still considerably cheaper than most other live TV streaming services, including Sling TV.

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