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Pure Flix And Great American Media Are Joining Family-Friendly Forces


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Sony Pictures Television’s Pure Flix streaming service is now in the process of merging with Great American Media, the owner of Great American Family, to create a new independent organization that will be majority owned by Great American Media.

Pure Flix is one of a limited number of streaming services that homes looking for faith and family-friendly movies and original shows can currently sign up to. The cost of a standard Pure Flix subscription is $7.99 per month, although there is also a $69.99 annual plan available which lowers the average cost of each month down to around $5.85.

Going forever, however, it looks as though there will be some changes coming. Great American Media has confirmed the signing of an agreement to merge the two companies. According to the details, Pure Flix, Great American Family, Great American Living, and the Great American Adventures FAST channel are all becoming part of the merged company.

At the operational level, Great American Media says it will retain a majority interest in the merged company, and that it will oversee day-to-day management.

While it still remains to be seen how much of an impact this will have on these services and networks, it does seem as though the ultimate plan is to bring them all much closer together. Specifically, the plan is to combine Great American Media’s linear networks and FAST channel with Pure Flix’s SVOD service in a bid to create a vast content library.

Regardless of how little or how much each service changes in the near and long-term future, Great American Media says that it and Pure Flix share the same mission, to deliver family and faith-based content to consumers. Presumably, the shared version of that mission will result in a much larger library of content in the future.

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