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PureHD and Dish OnStream To Improve The Streaming Experience In Hotel Rooms


Dish OnStream Hotels

PureHD plans to utilize Dish’s OnStream solution to help improve access to streaming services in hotel rooms. OnStream is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offered by Dish Business as a digital experience solution for hotel management, staff, and guests.

PureHD has been involved in the hotel TV experience for a number of years now. Back in 2013, the company partnered with Samsung to outfit hotels with Samsung’s IPTV and interactive services. More recently, PureHD has partnered with DISH to deploy its Evolve Android TV set-back box to hotels.

Now, and further building on the partnership with Dish, PureHD will be utilizing Dish’s newer OnStream technology to provide guests with more of a modern entertainment experience.

Similar to how Android TV is used to offer pay-TV and commercial companies with an operating system that can be customized and branded to suit their needs, OnStream is designed to offer hoteliers a fully customizable user interface and experience that can then be deployed across properties.

From the guest perspective, OnStream makes it easier to access streaming service content on an in-room TV through the use of a universal cross-search feature that allows guests to search for specific titles across a variety of available streaming services.

In addition, OnStream also makes it easier to access personal media and services from a guest’s own devices. For example, and similar to a recent LG announcement, casting from a smartphone or tablet by connecting to the hotel Wi-Fi and using a unique QR code to connect to the hotel TV.

As to be expected with a hotel-customized interface, OnStream is also capable of providing additional, hotel-specific features including, push notifications, allowing guests to check their bill, request a wake up call or housekeeping, and more.

The latest extension of PureHD’s partnership with Dish was announced ahead of HITEC 2023, the hospitality technology conference that’s due to take place June 26-29 in Toronto, and where both PureHD (booth 443) and Dish (booth 901) will be showcasing OnStream and its benefits.

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