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Roku Channels Are Disappearing Again, Including Netflix [Update: Fix]

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Update 23:20: Roku has now confirmed the issue has been resolved and channels will be restored following a system update. More info End of update.

Roku device owners are turning on their players to find that some of their channels are missing, including Netflix. It currently remains unclear what has happened, although this is not the first time that the platform has been plagued with channels suddenly and mysteriously disappearing.

Roku is a hugely popular platform in the US with the company offering a wide variety of devices to suit different budgets and needs. However, Roku has run into some problems of late, and especially since both HBO Max and Peacock remain unavailable on the platform. That said, there’s a big difference between not having channels at all, and the ones device owners do have suddenly disappearing.

Right now, there is an increasing number of user reports coming in confirming that channels have disappeared when the device is powered on. Furthermore, when the users try to download the channels again, they fail with the user receiving a message that reads, “Channel install failed, could not add.”

Most seem to be indicating the issue affects Netflix, although the issue appears to be far wider than that. For example, this post on the Roku community points to Sling TV haven’t gone. Similar reports also suggest the issue could be affecting YouTube, and Disney+, among others.

In addition, this is not just an issue that’s affecting Roku standalone devices, with many users pointing to the exact same problem on smart TVs powered by Roku. Therefore, while it currently remains to be seen how widespread the issue is at the app level, it does seem to be widespread at the user level.

Possible Roku missing channels fix

This is not the first time this issue has surfaced lately. Back in January, an almost identical issue cropped up with many Roku channels mysteriously disappearing. Similar to the current situation, it remained unclear what was causing the issue. However, at the time Roku did provide a solution for fixing the issue. Whether that solution works this time, remains to be seen, but it might.

To try the previous fix, Roku users will need to apply a quick update by heading to the Roku device’s Settings, then to System, followed by System update, and then selecting Check now.

Once complete, restart the Roku to check if the update worked and the channels are back, or whether they can be downloaded once again from the Roku Store.

Update 18:55: Roku is aware of the issue and has now posted a service disruption notice on its support site which reads:

“Roku is aware of an issue affecting some users where select channels are missing from the Home Screen and may fail to reinstall. We are investigating and working toward a quick resolution.
You do not need to contact Roku Customer Support, or take any other action.
We apologize for the inconvenience.”


Update 23:20: confirmed fix

Roku has now confirmed that the missing channels issue has been resolved and the process above to perform an update will restore the channels. For reference, Roku’s message and instructions in full:

“The issue has been resolved. Please perform the following steps on your Roku TV:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to System, then System update
  • Select Check now to resynchronize your channel line up

Your channels should be restored after these steps. Some customers may need to sign into individual channels again to authenticate. Thank you for your patience.”

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18 replies on “Roku Channels Are Disappearing Again, Including Netflix [Update: Fix]”

Thanks for this fast update. I just got a Roku device a Couple of months ago and this was the first time it ever happened. I was panicked until I read your article. Thanks so much

I tried the update thing on mine it says it is already updated and I still have no channels and it won’t let me download any either

Same here. Was watching my roku tv and watching att streaming and just gone and YouTube pluto… I can’t watch anything except maybe antenna tv . I tried resetting tv to factory. System update and reboot. Nothing so far has worked

Same!!! Looks like am August 20, 2020 problem!! Netflix, you tube, at&t now all gone. Did a reset and now everything is gone. Cant add channels! 1250 am August 21!

I had one roku tv and yesterday bought another one and when I tried to set it up both tvs wouldn’t work, no channels at all on the new one and the old one has deleted some channels and won’t install any. Old one was working perfectly fine until i set up the new one for some reason.

I am having problems with extra charges out of my bank account for things that I never ordered an being charged 2x a month for my CBS access channel. Can’t contact them they say because of the virus

I’m having the same issues. YouTube suddenly disappeared yesterday. This is totally unacceptable! Also, it won’t upload again!

I wonder if this is related to why Netflix on my Roku keeps turning closed captioning on every time a new show starts (manually or “up next*. That’s super annoying.

Well I had the the problem on Aug 20 turned tv on in living room no Netflix the one in bedroom was fine then I lost that one to would not let me download at all till Friday morning

My ROKU of three years will suddenly not work at all!! All I get is a green screen. Changed out the HDMI cable, tried an HDMI splitter, bought a new ROKU device, reset the router, unplugged, re plugged, did all the fixes recommended and nothing works. All I get are the bouncing letters which then turns to a green screen. This is happening to many customers and we cannot get ROKU on the phone. PLEASE ADVISE!!

I had to remove mine…it keept giving me problems saying the internet was not connection was working petfect for everything except for the roku!!!…

I have not experienced channel problems, yet. But I DO have a problem with sound quality on ANY Roku channel. It is very LOW and distorted. Please investigate, as I have a TCL 55″ with Roku installed,

l had a problem using the code #. l called a help # and was told l need to pay $100 for 3 yrs…or $150 for permanent access. l was furious. 😲😲😲.. l then noticed the loss of of
roku channel on my other tvs. However l reset my information and was able to continue setting up my new tv. So watch out for scammers!

I’m having the same issues. All my Apps suddenly disappeared yesterday. This is totally unacceptable! Also the TV is clean no apps on it, it won’t upload again! I had to Link my account and install all my apps back again.

My add channels page has disappeared so I can’t see any live tv.I have sling and we want Hgtv Hometown

My channels have disappeared and i have tried the fix that they suggested..still not showing up.

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