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Roku’s Premium ‘Pro Series’ TVs Are Now Available To Buy


Roku Pro Series TVs

Roku has now officially launched its new Roku Pro Series TVs. The company first announced its plans to launch a new smart TV series earlier this year. At the time, however, there was no firm date on when the new TV line would become available.

That’s now changed. Beginning today, the new Roku Pro Series TVs can be purchased in store and online through various retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart, as well as directly through Roku. In terms of options and prices, the Roku Pro Series TVs are available in 55”, 65” and 75” models with the cost ranging from $899.99 to $1699.99.

As these are marketed as ‘Pro’ models, they are designed to offer a more premium experience compared to Roku’s other TV lines, Plus and Select. Most notably, the new Pro lineup features Mini-LED backlighting, a 120Hz panel and support for Dolby Vision IQ. In addition to making use of Roku Smart Picture, an automatic feature that’s capable of adjusting picture modes, the Roku Pro Series also supports Smart Picture Max. According to Roku, Smart Picture Max makes use of AI to refine color, contrast, and sharpness in real-time scene-by-scene.

These TVs also feature an all-new flagship processor and upgraded memory architecture, making them “the snappiest Roku devices ever.” Buyers can also expect an improved sound experience, thanks to the inclusion of side-firing Dolby Atmos speakers that are designed to provide a wider, more cinematic sound.

Roku Pro Series TV Features:

  • Brilliant picture: With a responsive 120Hz 4K panel, mini-LED backlight, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision IQ, the Pro Series delivers strikingly accurate color, dazzling highlights, and deep blacks that make content pop off the screen.
  • Sleek design: At only 1.9” and with a striking shadowbox frame, the Pro Series’ clean lines and architectural styling are an eye-catching complement to any home.
  • Snappy streaming: All-new quad-core processor and Wi-Fi 6 allow users to search, navigate, and launch content faster than ever before.
  • Roku Smart Picture Max: Powered by AI, Roku Smart Picture Max automatically selects the optimal picture mode for your content, refining the color, sharpness, and motion scene by scene.
  • Automatic brightness: Automatically adjusts brightness settings based on room lighting for a bright, clear picture any time of day.
  • Roku Soundstage Audio: Side-firing Dolby Atmos speakers designed by Roku’s Audio Innovation team for a wide, cinematic sound.
  • Wireless surround sound expandable: Pair Roku Wireless Soundbar, Roku Wireless Speakers, and Roku Wireless Bass to create an even more immersive surround sound experience.
  • Headphone Mode: Connect Bluetooth headphones to enjoy entertainment at any volume.
  • Game on: Automatic game mode drops you right in the action. Enjoy tear-free gaming with 120Hz refresh, AMD Freesync Premium Pro, ALLM, and VRR.
  • Slim-profile Wall Mount Kit: Optional accessory designed by Roku with hinge and kickstand for easy access to TV ports and cables.
  • Backdrops: Scroll through a wide catalog of popular artwork or upload your own photos to transform your TV into a work of art.
  • Software updates: Featuring new IMDB integrations, enhanced ways to search and browse content, a more visually immersive mobile app, and more.

The new Roku Pro Series also comes packaged with a Roku Voice Remote Pro (2nd edition). This is the newest version of the company’s flagship remote and features backlit buttons, a USB-C rechargeable battery, live TV Guide button, support for hands-free voice commands, and support for Roku’s Remote Finder.

Roku Voice Remote Pro (2nd edition) Features:

  • Backlit buttons: Touch-activated backlit buttons for nighttime TV viewing.
  • USB-C rechargeable battery: Stay powered for months with a 50% larger battery than the previous generation. Rechargeable from the TV.
  • Live TV Guide button: Instant access to the Live TV Channel Guide featuring 400+ free live TV channels, sports, local news, and more with just one click.
  • Quick Launch button: Easily personalize two shortcuts, access Roku’s powerful global search, or enable Headphone Mode for private listening (if applicable).
  • Hands-free voice commands: Perfect for quick commands like turning off the TV, launching a channel, or pausing a show.
  • Remote Finder: An audible chime to help you find your remote no matter where it’s hiding. Trigger with the button on the Roku Pro Series TV, the Roku mobile app, or simply by saying “Hey Roku, where’s the remote?”
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