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Sling TV Adds New Picture-in-Picture Mode, iOS Widget, And Enhanced Sports Scores

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Sling TV March Madness

Sling TV is rolling out some new features that should make watching March Madness 2023 a little easier. This includes the ability to continue watching while working as well as improved access to game information and scores.

The first, and probably most noteworthy is the addition of what Sling refers to as its new Side View feature. Essentially, this is a picture-in-picture mode that allows subscribers to watch a game while continuing to do something else in the background.

Sling TV picture in picture mode
Sling TV picture-in-picture mode

The downside, however, is that Side View is currently only available through the website when using a browser. In this sense, it is being marketed by Sling as a way to watch live TV, specifically March Madness games, while using other windows, tabs, and applications.

To activate the new Side View feature while using a desktop browser, simply head over to the Sling TV website, log if needed, and then select a game. The user will then be able to click on the Browse your computer while watching video button in the top right corner – the icon is a square with an arrow pointing down towards the bottom right corner.

Once pressed, Sling TV will launch a pop out window where the live TV feed can be seen, allowing the rest of the computer’s screen real estate to be used to do other things. The picture-in-picture window can also be resized and/or moved around as needed.

In spite of being launched to coincide with the start of March Madness, and provide basketball fans with a way to continue watching while working, the new picture-in-picture works on any channel, providing the channel is being watched through the desktop browser.

The other two new features are more designed for March Madness fans to stay informed. For example, Sling TV has added a new scores row to the home screen to make it easier to see all of the current games and scores before picking one to watch.

Sling TV march madness scores
March Madness scores on the home screen

For Sling TV subscribers with an iPhone, the other new feature is the release of a new iOS widget. Once added to the iPhone’s home screen, users will be able to quickly and easily check upcoming schedules and games.

Sling TV iOS widget
Sling TV iOS widget

All of these features are now available to existing Sling TV subscribers when using the appropriate devices. If now considering signing up to Sling TV to watch March Madness and take advantage of the new features, plans start at $40 per month, and are subject to an additional $5 monthly ABC fee in some areas.

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