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Sling TV: How To Stop Strangers From Using Your Account


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If you are concerned that someone may be using your Sling TV account without your permission then it is worth knowing how to check if it has been accessed by a stranger. Just as importantly, how to actually stop them from accessing your account again in the future.

While Sling TV is an affordable service when compared to other live TV streaming services, it still costs a minimum of $40 per month. With the price of live TV continually getting higher each year, it stands to reason that some people will look for ways to save on the cost.

That may involve accessing someone else’s subscription without their permission, and in some cases, this could be the result of an account being hacked. First off, if someone does suspect their account has been compromised, they should immediately look to change their password, and check their bank account for any unfamiliar charges.

For those that are simply unsure of whether their account is being accessed by someone else, it is fairly easy to check. Here’s how.

Check which devices have accessed Sling TV

If someone else has accessed your account then they have done it on a device. Similar to many other streaming services, Sling TV tends to make a note of any devices that it communicates with. Best of all, that information is available to the subscriber.

This device information won’t be visible on devices. For example, you won’t find it when using the Sling TV app on your smart TV or streaming player, or even the mobile app. Instead, it can be viewed by visiting the Sling TV website and then accessing the Manage Account section of the settings.

View devices using your account:

  • Visit Sling TV
  • Sign in
  • Hover over icon (top right)
  • Click on Manage Account
  • Click on Device List (under Manage Account Information)

Sling will then present the subscriber with a list of every device that has signed in with the same account details.

Sling TV Your Device List
Your Device List on Sling TV

This information will include whether the device is still ‘in use’, the last time it was used to log in, and the type of device. The last one is probably the most useful as it will detail the operating system (Android TV, Fire TV, Roku, etc) and the actual device type (browser, TV, phone, etc).

By checking this list, subscribers can look for any device types that are unfamiliar. If you, and everyone you share a subscription with, don’t recognize a device, it is possible that someone else has used the device to access the subscription.

Shutting Those Devices Down

When someone suspects that their Sling TV account is being used by someone else, the best option is to sign out of all devices. Doing this will make sure everyone using the same account will need to sign back in again on every device.

Signing out of all devices is fairly easy to do and can be done for all devices at the same time. In fact, Sling offers the option on the same page as the device list.

Simply click on the ‘Sign out of all devices’ button at the bottom of the page and Sling will require users to log in again on all devices.

For reference, you don’t always have to go to the Device list page to sign out of all devices. Sling TV also offers the same option under the Manage Account Information section of the Manage Account page.

Sling TV Manage Account Information
Sling TV’s Sign Out Of All Devices

Of course, doing this will only log the account out of devices. If someone suspects their account is being used without their permission, they should also change the password at the same time to stop the person from signing back in again with the old credentials.

To change your password:

  • Visit Sling TV
  • Sign in
  • Hover over icon (top right)
  • Click on Manage Account
  • Click on Change Password (under Manage Account Information)

The subscriber will then be asked to confirm the old password and enter a new one. Once done, click Submit to complete the process.

Keep your account secure

By changing the password and signing out of all devices, a subscriber can help to make sure that their account is not being used by someone else. This is also something subscribers should check often.

While an account might seem secure today, it could become compromised in the future. Routinely checking to see which devices are accessing the account, and signing out of all devices when needed, will continually help to stop strangers from accessing the live TV channels you pay for each month.

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