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Sling TV’s Somm TV Sneak Peek Lets You Watch Select Episodes For Free


Sling TV Somm TV Sneak Peek

Sling TV routinely provides subscribers with access to free previews (or freeviews) of premium networks, and right now, subscribers can check out a selection of Somm TV shows for free.

Somm TV is a streaming service with a focus on wine, food, travel, and hospitality. A standalone Somm TV subscription costs $5.99 a month of $49.99 a year, and unlocks access to more than 400 hours of original content.

Sling TV subscribers can currently check out what Somm TV has to offer for free. Unlike previous free previews from Sling TV, this one doesn’t unlock access to the entire Somm TV library. Instead, subscribers can watch select episodes from some of Somm TV’s most popular shows without a subscription. Basically, it’s a sneak peek of the premium add-on.

In fact, you don’t even need to be a Sling TV subscriber to check out the free preview, as it is also unlocked for Sling Freestream users as well. While Sling Freestream does require users to sign up and create an account, it is a free ad-supported TV service.

To check out the free preview of Somm TV simply search for “Somm TV Sneak Peek” in the Sling TV app or via the website and click on the “Somm TV Sneak Peek” result. Subscribers can then watch any of the episodes included with the free preview.

For reference, this Somm TV Sneak Peek went live on October 3rd and is due to remain available through Tuesday, October. 17.

For those interested in retaining access after the sneak peek, or those interested in unlocking the full Somm TV library as soon as possible, Somm TV can be added to any of Sling’s base plans, or subscribed to as a standalone subscription through Sling Freestream, for $5.99 a month or $49.99 a year.

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