Which Streaming TV Service Has the Most Channels?

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fuboTV is the streaming TV service with the most channels. If you are considering switching live TV streaming services and want the base package with access to the most channels then fuboTV with 102 channels is the right choice.


There are some caveats to the question which we’ll look to explain in more detail in this guide. The first of those caveats is none of these numbers are exact. Most TV streaming services only provide a rough estimate of how many channels they offer.

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Advertised channels

Live TV streaming services are usually quite keen to advertise how many channels you get as that’s a main selling point for consumers. However, a service’s marketing materials are not always up to date or the most accurate representation. Still, these advertised numbers remain the most common way websites detail the number of channels. Therefore, we’ll start off comparing those advertised channel numbers.

To keep things simple, the listed channel numbers below are based on the cheapest plan for each of the streaming services.


Number of live TV streaming channels summary: as advertised:

YouTube TV70+
Sling TV (Blue)45

Actual channels

While the figures above are based on what each of the companies officially say they offer, sometimes those figures can be inaccurate or misleading.

To give you a real-world example of what to expect, the figures below represent what was manually counted when checking a randomly chosen zip code (92805).


As these figures include locals, the actual number may differ based on the number of locals available in a different zip code.

Number of live TV streaming channels summary: manually counted:

YouTube TV85
Sling TV (Blue)47

Similar to the advertised numbers, fuboTV comes out on top in the real-world example, although YouTube TV has closed the gap a little. That gap becomes even smaller when you take into consideration the variety of networks.

fuboTV includes a number of channels from the same networks and this is especially true when it comes to sports networks. While this is great for sports fans, it can skew the results for consumers with less of an interest in sports. As an example, 23 of the 105 listed fuboTV channels are beinSports, TUDN, and BTN channels.


When viewing beinSports, TUDN, and BTN as single channels, the number of channels on offer with fuboTV is only 85 – the same as YouTube TV.

Most channels

As mentioned, the numbers so far have only been in relation to the entry packages and things change if opting for a more expensive plan. For example, AT&T’s “Max” plans come with 85 channels – also equal to YouTube TV who doesn’t offer any additional plans.

Number of live TV streaming channels summary: most expensive plans:

YouTube TV85
Sling TV53

Further adding to the confusion is that on top of a base plan, some services will also let you add additional channel packs as well. fuboTV’s most expensive plan already includes its main additional channel packs and so its number doesn’t change much – excluding international language channels. In fact, it is really only Sling TV that results in a drastically different channel lineup, compared to its most expensive plan.


When adding all of the channel packs available with the Sling Blue plan, a maximum of 67 channels are added.

Number of live TV streaming channels summary: most expensive plan + channel pack add-ons:

Sling TV112
YouTube TV85

Price matters

Price is an important factor here as this can automatically rule a service out of the question if the cost is too high.

To round out this summary, the figures below detail how many channels you get if you opt for the most expensive configuration from each of the main services – whether that be a single plan or inclusive of any and all channel packs.

Number of live TV streaming channels summary: price for most channels:

Sling TV112$65
YouTube TV85$50
AT&T TV NOW85$85

Bottom line

fuboTV comparison

Overall, fuboTV comes out on top as the service with the most channels and this is regardless of which way you decide to look at the channel lineups.

Those simply interested in getting the highest number of channels for their subscription dollars will most likely be best off going for fuboTV. Although both Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Philo become good options when factoring in the price.

However, having access to the most channels possible is not the same as having the right channels. If fuboTV does not include the channels you watch the most, then it shouldn’t matter how many channels it offers as it is not the right live TV streaming service for you.

To get a better idea of the different services, and which one is best for your individual viewing needs, check out the full channel lineups for all of the live TV streaming services mentioned in this comparison through the links below.

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