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‘Summer Of Peacock’ Deal Lowers Annual Plan Price To $20


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Peacock has started a new Summer of Peacock deal which reduces the cost of the annual, ad-supported plan down to $19.99 for the first year. Considering this annual plan normally costs $49.99 per year, this promotion results in a saving of $30 over the course of the first 12 months.

Peacock offers both monthly and annual subscription options. Regardless of whether paying monthly or annually, there’s also the option to choose between ad-supported and ad-free plans. For example, the standard Premium (ad-supported) plan costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

Over the next few weeks, however, new users can save significantly on the cost of the annual Premium plan. Peacock has now started a Summer of Peacock promotion that offers access to the streaming service’s library of movies, live sports, and exclusive Originals for twelve months for only $19.99. To take advantage of the deal, use the SUMMEROFPEACOCK promo code when signing up for the $49.99 Premium plan. The code went live today (May 24) and is currently due to remain active through  June 12, 2023.

As is typically the case with Peacock, the same code can also be used to take $30 off the cost of the Premium Plus plan, bringing the total cost of the ad-free plan down to $69.99 for the first year.

It is also worth noting that this code doesn’t reduce the cost of a subscription any lower than a previous promo code that became available in April. In fact, we’ve tested both codes today and the old one is also still valid, so you now have the choice of two.

From what we understand, the older promo code (N2TEWDZZ) may actually remain active through July 8, 2023. If that is the case, then it will remain valid for almost one month longer than the Summer of Peacock code.

Of course, these deals and promotions can change at any time, so if you are thinking about signing up to Peacock with one of these promo codes, it is probably best to do so sooner rather than later.

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