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Tinder Users Get 2 Months Of Peacock For Free (And Chance To Attend IRL Horror Movie Screening)


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Peacock and Tinder have teamed up to offer 2 months of Peacock Premium for free to Tinder app users. In addition, the partnership is also offering singles the opportunity to attend an exclusive IRL horror movie screening on Friday, October 13th.

Match Group and Peacock launched a new partnership earlier this year, with the idea being to leverage Peacock’s programming and Match Group’s portfolio of brands, which includes Tinder. Even before that, however, the two had worked together. Last Halloween, for example, Tinder users had access to an exclusive in-app Peacock discount.

With Halloween back again, so is the Peacock discount for Tinder users. Starting today and continuing through October 31st, Tinder users can get two months of Peacock for free. This offer can be redeemed through Peacock’s Tinder page by entering a code that’s exclusively available to Tinder users in the Tinder app.

For reference, these in-app Tinder codes change on a daily basis, so if any Tinder users find their code isn’t working, they may need to retrieve an updated code from the Tinder app.

Unless the subscription is canceled before the end of the second free month, Tinder users will automatically be charged the full cost of Peacock Premium ($5.99) for the third month and every other month thereafter.

In addition to 2 months free, Peacock and Tinder are also offering singles the option to attend an exclusive IRL screening. The “ultimate horror movie date night” hosted by Tinder and Peacock will take place on Friday, Oct. 13 in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

For Tinder users interested in attending the special screening in one of these cities, they will need to RSVP through the in-app notification that began showing up in the Tinder app yesterday (Oct 4).

For Tinder users not able to attend a screening in one of these cities on Friday the 13th, they can still use the Tinder app to match with someone who also loves horror movies, as Tinder has now added a new “Horror Movies” Interest badge to the app.

The Horror Movies Interest badge can be added to a Tinder profile by opening Tinder, tapping the Profile icon, and tapping the pencil icon to edit the profile. They can then scroll down to Interest, search for Horror Movies, and add the badge.

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