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Viaplay Adds Roku Device Support In The US, Canada, And The UK


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Viaplay is now available on Roku devices in the United States, Canada, and the UK. The Scandinavian-based streaming service first launched in the US in February 2023. Even before then, however, it was possible to purchase a subscription through Comcast’s Xfinity platform, and since December, as a Premium Subscription through The Roku Channel.

For those unfamiliar with the service, Viaplay is marketed as the world’s leading producer of premium drama from the Nordic region, aka Nordic Noir. In total, Viaplay subscribers in the US and Canada get access to more than 1,500 hours of series and movies, in addition to select third-party content.

After launching in the US in February, Roku players and TV users can also now sign up and subscribe to Viaplay directly on their Roku player or TV. While it was already possible to subscribe through The Roku Channel’s Premium Subscriptions, this change now makes it possible to sign up and subscribe directly to Viaplay on Roku devices.

In terms of the cost, the price of a standard subscription is $5.99 per month and Viaplay does offer all new subscribers a 7-day free trial. As a result, it is possible to test out the service before having to pay the monthly subscription cost.

Considering Roku is one of the more popular and widely used streaming platforms in the United States, the latest change offers Viaplay an opportunity to appeal to a significant number of homes, with the added option of choosing between signing up as a Premium Subscriptions through The Roku Channel or subscribing directly.

For those without a Roku device, the Viaplay streaming service is also available to download and access on a variety of other platforms and devices including Android/Google TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, as well as various smart TVs, streaming players, smartphones, and game consoles.

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