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How to Watch The Weather Channel Without Cable (Cheap as Possible)

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The cheapest way to watch The Weather Channel without cable is frndlyTV. There are actually very few options to watch this channel through a live TV streaming service, but there are some, and they range in price. Luckily for fans of The Weather Channel, the cheapest option is very affordable compared to the main live TV streaming services.


One of the benefits of streaming live TV over the internet is the choice on offer. This is not only in terms of choosing the service, but also the choice of canceling a service at any time and switching to another one easily and without any penalties.

With channel lineups constantly changing, the ease of switching has never been more important. With the ability to switch services as and when needed, consumers can always access the channels that are most important to them.


Cheapest way to watch The Weather Channel

Priced at just $5.99 per month, frndlyTV is the cheapest way to watch The Weather Channel without cable. In addition to The Weather Channel, a frndlyTV subscription also provides access to a variety of other channels, including the three Hallmark channels. However, with only 15 channels in total, the selection is significantly more limited than with many of the main live TV streaming subscriptions.

While the standard frndlyTV subscription costs just $5.99 per month plan, it does come with some additional limitations. Besides the limited channel lineup, the most important one is the lack of a cloud DVR for recoding The Weather Channel shows and content. For those that do require DVR functionality, frndlyTV does offer a Classic plan, priced at $7.99 per month.

For the extra couple of dollars, Classic subscribers get access to the same channel lineup, including The Weather Channel, as well as the option to record shows and keep them for up to three months. Those in need of even more recording freedom can opt for the $9.99 Premium plan which increases the length of time recordings can be kept for to nine months.

Other ways to watch The Weather Channel

fuboTV is currently the next cheapest way to watch the Weather Channel without cable. The channel is included in fuboTV’s Starter plan (formerly Family), priced at $64.99 per month. Although this is fuboTV’s cheapest package overall, it is a fairly robust option. Besides The Weather Channel, the Starter plan peovides access to 113 channels in total, including ABC, Fox, NBC, USA Network and more. The service also comes with an emphasis on sports, making it ideal for households that are as interested in watching live sports as weather-related shows and content.


The next cheapest way to watch The Weather Channel without cable is AT&T TV. In fact, this is not only the next cheapest, but the only other option. YouTube TV does not currently offer The Weather Channel in its plan. Likewise, neither does Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, TVision or Vidgo.

For those considering going the AT&T TV route, The Weather Channel is available with the Choice package. Priced at $84.99 per month, Choice is not the cheapest AT&T TV plan, but it is the cheapest one with access to The Weather Channel. Alternatively, consumers can opt for either the Ultimate or Premier plans from AT&T TV, both of which also include The Weather Channel. While these plans are more expensive than Choice, they do also come with a greater selection of channels overall.

How to watch The Weather Channel summary

frndlyTV is currently the cheapest way to watch The Weather Channel without cable. At $5.99 per month, this is a highly affordable service compared to the main live TV streaming services, but it does come with far fewer channels overall. Another limitation is the lack of a DVR, although there are options to upgrade to other frndlyTV plans with recording space.

Other than frndlyTV, both fuboTV and AT&T TV provide access to The Weather Channel. fuboTV’s Starter (formerly Family) plan costs $64.99 per month while AT&T TV’s Choice package costs $84.99 per month and both come with The Weather Channel.

Besides frndlyTV, fuboTV and AT&T TV, there aren’t really any other options for watching The Weather Channel without cable. YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV and Sling TV currently don’t carry The Weather Channel and there are no indications any of these services intend to add the channel soon.

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