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Xumo Stream Box To Be Offered To Mediacom Xtream Internet Customers


Xumo Stream Box

The new Xumo Stream Box will soon be available to Mediacom’s Xtream internet customers, marking the third U.S.-based operator to offer the streaming player to its customers.

As a reminder, Xumo is a joint venture between Comcast and Charter and the Xumo Stream Box is the first streaming player to emerge from that partnership. With this being a joint Comcast and Charter project, the plan is for the Xumo Stream Box to be offered to Comcast and Charter customers.

Joining Comcast and Charter will be Mediacom. While no firm date was set, it was confirmed that Mediacom will begin offering the Xumo Stream Box to its Xtream Internet customers in the coming months. Considering Mediacom offers its own TV packages, the idea here is for the Xumo Stream Box to be offered as an alternative to the company’s traditional cable TV packages.

Mediacom’s decision to partner with Xumo further validates the unique value proposition we can offer to operators looking to maintain an entertainment-centric relationship with customers as they migrate to streaming video,” said Michael Gatzke, Senior Vice President, Affiliate Development, Xumo. “By partnering with Xumo, Mediacom can offer its broadband customers a great 4K streaming device with award-winning voice navigation so they can stream more, easily finding what they want to watch.”

At present, it remains unclear how much the Xumo Stream Box will cost when it does become available to Xtream Internet customers in the coming months.

One of the big selling points with the Xumo Stream Box is its emphasis on being easy to use. Along with access to many popular apps, the streaming player also provides access to a selection of free ad supported television (FAST) channels. The free channels are powered by the device’s primary video service app, Xumo Play, which will launch each time the device is turned on.

Mediacom Xtream Internet customers can also expect a blend of AI-driven personalization and human-led editorial recommendations, along with the ability to quickly search for content with voice commands.

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