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Yes Network Adds Live Stats To Apple TV, Fire TV and Google TV Apps


Yet Network Live Stats

Yes Network has confirmed that it is adding support for its Live Stats feature to select big-screen devices. The single-screen interactive content will first become available on select TVs and streaming devices later today when the New York Yankees take on the Seattle Mariners.

One of the big improvements to live sports in the age of streaming is the availability and addition of more information on the same screen, including stats and live scores. YouTube TV’s Key Plays is a popular example of this trend, with the feature recently becoming an award-winning feature.

Now it looks like Yes Network is also getting in on the action thanks to the expansion of support of its Live Stats feature to smart TVs and other connected devices powered by Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Google TV.

Beginning with tonight’s game against the Mariners, viewers will be able to explore real-time stats while watching live on the same screen on these devices.

According to the announcement, “Yes Network is the first sports network – regional or national – to provide single-screen interactive stats on connected devices.”

Viewers can expect access to a wide variety of stats and information that’s updated in real-time, including individual batter and pitcher stats, bench and bullpen player availability, division standings, and more.

Looking further ahead, Yes Network also says it plans to launch Pick-N-Play Live and Watch Party as second-screen experiences on connected devices in the coming months, making it possible for viewers to utilize the two popular Yes app features on their phone or tablet while watching the game live on a TV.

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