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YouTube Offers Big NFL Sunday Ticket Savings With New Student Plan


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As promised last week, YouTube has now confirmed student plan pricing for NFL Sunday Ticket, and there are some major savings on offer for those that qualify for the student discount.

For months now, YouTube has been offering YouTube users and YouTube TV subscribers the option to sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket with prices starting at $449 and $349, respectively. Last week, YouTube introduced a monthly subscription option which splits the payment up into four smaller monthly payments.

At the same time, YouTube also confirmed that it was planning to offer special prices for students, and that more details would follow. Those details have now arrived, with YouTube confirming students can sign up to NFL Sunday Ticket at just $109 a season. In addition, students can also add NFL RedZone for just $10 more, taking the total for NFL Sunday Ticket + NFL Redzone to $119 for the season.

At less than a third of the normal price, the student NFL Sunday Ticket plan is a great way to save on the cost. However, it does require students to confirm their eligibility.

Similar to many other streaming services that offer access to student plans, including Discovery Plus and Paramount Plus, YouTube uses SheerID to confirm eligibility. Those that have already authenticated their student status with SheerID (within the past 11 months) should automatically see the cheaper price.

Those that haven’t authenticated, or recently, will need to go through the verification process. This option will become avaialble after selecting Eligible students can save with a student plan when signing up to NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube.

For reference, YouTube previously confirmed that those who had already signed up for NFL Sunday Ticket, and are eligible for a student discount, will be able to switch to the student plan, with the help from YouTube’s support team.

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