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YouTube TV Subscribers Can Get Epix for 3 Months for $9 (Prepay Required)


YouTube TV and Epix

YouTube TV is now offering subscribers the option to prepay for three months of Epix and save on the overall cost. Although this deal will add to the already high price of YouTube TV, it is a way to gain access to the additional movies and shows available through Epix, and at a lower price than usual.

Epix is a standalone streaming service that provides access to a wide selection of shows, movies, and more. On its own, an Epix subscription currently costs $5.99 per month. Those interested in the service can directly sign up through Epix and then download the Epix Now app on their preferred device. Alternatively, there is the option to simply add Epix as a premium channel to an existing live TV package, such as YouTube TV.

Now, YouTube TV is running a promotion that discounts the cost of an Epix subscription for the first three months. Instead of paying the full $18 over the course of the three months for the premium channel, YouTube TV subscribers will only pay $9. Essentially, Epix is currently half-off for three months.

The promotion is available to both new and existing YouTube TV customers and doesn’t require any codes or hurdles to access. Existing subscribers just need to add Epix to their package through the YouTube TV website, while new subscribers will see the option to add the discounted Epix subscription when signing up, and after confirming their base live TV package.

What to know before adding Epix

As is very common with this type of promotion, one of the most important aspects to be aware of is the switch to the full price. Once the first three months are up, YouTube TV subscribers will be automatically billed at the higher $6 per month rate. Therefore, anyone not wanting to continue with Epix at the full price will need to make sure they remove the add-on before the three-month period comes to an end.

It is also worth noting that this deal requires payment now for the three months ahead. Although, at $9 all-in, it is not that much more expensive than the usual $6 subscribers would be expected to pay when adding. Speaking of which, YouTube TV does not appear to be offering a free trial with this deal, unlike the seven days that are on offer when signing up to Epix directly. For reference, this Epix promotion will remain available to YouTube TV subscribers up until July 29, 2021, so there’s no immediate rush to sign up today.

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