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YouTube TV Members Can Watch Sunday Ticket On YouTube, And Vice Versa


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YouTube TV members who sign up to Sunday Ticket do have the option to watch games through YouTube TV or YouTube. While there are differences in the price of a Sunday Ticket subscription, it would seem that there are no differences in terms of app support.

This year marks the first year that YouTube TV has taken over control of NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV. This also means there are a number of changes that NFL fans will need to be aware of.

For example, and just like they did with DirecTV, football fans can subscribe to Sunday Ticket through their YouTube TV plan. However, they can also now subscribe to Sunday Ticket through YouTube’s Primetime Channels, making it possible to sign up without a live TV plan for the first time.

In terms of actually watching football, it doesn’t matter how the Sunday Ticket subscription was started. For example, YouTube TV members who add Sunday Ticket to their live TV plan can watch Sunday Ticket directly through the standard YouTube TV app.

Some existing YouTube TV members have already started seeing this change take effect. As noted here and here, a new NFL button now appears in the Primetime Channels section of the YouTube app for YouTube TV members that have signed up to Sunday Ticket.

It would seem that this either-or option is not just for YouTube TV members either. For example, and according to this Twitter reply, those who sign up to Sunday Ticket through YouTube’s Primetime Channels also have the option of watching through YouTube TV.

As to be expected, the ability to take advantage of certain features, including record games, will require an active YouTube TV subscription. However, the point here is that a Sunday Ticket subscription seems to be largely interchangeable after it has been purchased.

Basically, if you are unsure whether to buy Sunday Ticket through YouTube or YouTube TV, it might not matter, beyond the price you pay when signing up.

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  1. I have subscribed to Fubo for NFL games. Are they going to be able to continue that service or should I switch over to YouTube?

    My daughter switched from Direct TV to YouTube recently. Just curious which way to go. John

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