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YouTube TV ‘Missing Library’ Issue Should Now Be Fixed


YouTuber TV recordings

If you are a YouTube TV subscriber who also happens to have experienced an issue where your library of recordings have disappeared when accessing the live TV service on some devices, the issue should now be fixed.

It is currently unclear when exactly the problem first surfaced, how widespread it was, or what was causing it. However, a number of users had begun reporting the issue on social media and various forums over the past 24 hours.

According to the sum of those reports, YouTube TV subscribers would encounter a largely empty library when accessing the service on select devices, with the majority of reports relating to Roku devices. For those affected, there doesn’t seem to be any issue when accessing YouTube TV via the website.

A YouTube TV Engineer has been responding to some of those user reports on Reddit, and in response to one of them confirmed that the problem should now be resolved. Specifically, YouTube TV was aware of the issue and addressed it last night.

Whether or not the fix has actually, and fully, fixed the problem remains unknown at the moment, although YouTube TV seems to consider it as fixed for now.

YouTube TV has been rolling out a few updates and fixes of late. For example, YouTube recently rolled out a fix for a black screen issue on Apple TV, and has been ‘actively working’ on a fix for an app crashing issue on Apple TV – which is understood to have rolled out recently or is about to be rolled out.

For those hoping for some improvement to the general YouTube TV picture quality, that may happen in the summer thanks to some picture quality experiments that YouTube is currently running.

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